7 Awful Cartoons Besides ‘The F’n Osbournes’ That Feature Real People

Tuesday, March 6 by

The Gary Coleman Show

Hanna-Barbera is known for just doling out cartoons to whatever celebrity crosses their path. In this instance, it was Gary Coleman, who played the diminutive Arnold Drummond on Dif’rent Strokes. Unlike many of the other cartoons depicting real celebrities, The Gary Coleman show was refreshingly high-concept. The show focused on Coleman, who played a character named Andy LeBeau. Andy is an apprentice angel who is sent back to earth to earn his wings. Thirteen episodes were aired in fall of 1982, proving that even dumb kids are smart enough to sniff out a contrived vehicle for a C-rate star.

Mister T

Mister T (not Mr. T!) managed to air for three years, despite the fact that only thirty episodes were produced. In the show, Mr. T coaches a gymnastics team, because why wouldn’t he, that travels around the world solving mysteries. The cartoon started with the mandatory live action bit, and ended with a narration by Mr. T about the moral of the story.

I remember this cartoon mostly for the strange little white boy who dressed exactly like Mr. T. I remember wondering what kind of parents would let their children dress exactly as Mr. T. Or sign their kids up for a gymnastics program that featured Mr. T. This show featured a parade of ethnic gymnasts who caught up with the gang for one reason or another.

The show’s first season was just released on DVD last May, so…yeah.

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