7 Awful Cartoons Besides ‘The F’n Osbournes’ That Feature Real People

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Unless Ozzie is driving a van, fighting crime, I don't care.  

In case you haven’t gotten your Osbourne family Google alert, they’re back in the news. A Canadian production company has decided that what the great white north isn’t ready to let the reality family go just yet. Animation house Cuppa Coffee (ugh) is currently pre-selling the series that is pitched to be a 20-episode prime time series.

The name of the show? The F’n Osbournes. Exciting, isn’t it?

I don’t feel like waiting around for this show to air to declare that it totally sucks. Not just because it’s a ten-year old gimmick featuring a family that grates more and more as time marches on. Also, because cartoons depicting real people have a storied history of being awful. And here are seven examples to prove it.

Life with Louie

Some cartoon producer had a theory that kids love corpulent comedian Louie Anderson. And they were sort of right. While the idea of listening to Louie Anderson voice a cartoon character makes me want to cry, Life with Louie was a three-year hit for FOX on Saturday mornings, and garnered the network two Daytime Emmys. It focused on Louie’s actual upbringing, his ten siblings, and the constant teasing of him because of his weight. Sounds fun, right?

It wasn’t.

Pro Stars

Pro Stars was a horrible cartoon that children watched because it purported to star the three most popular athletes in the world, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, and Bo Jackson.

Of course, the aforementioned really had almost nothing to do with the show. They would appear in badly edited segments before the show which did nothing but demonstrat that they weren’t in the same room at the same time, and different voice actors read their lines in the animated segments.

In case you were wondering, Michael Jordan was the leader, Bo Jackson was the muscle, and Wayne Gretzky was the comic relief. You know. Because of how funny Wayne Gretzky is. Also, Wayne Gretzky was obsessed with food and eating on the show, which was never really explained.

This accumulation of crappiness resulted in the show getting canned after thirteen episodes. And in case you were wondering, a voice actor on the show is credited with playing both “Reggie Miller,” and “Evil Reggie Miller.” A Knicks fan would argue that there’s no difference between the two.

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