6 Adult Cartoons No Child Should Ever Watch

Tuesday, February 7 by Stu Moody

"South Park".

eric-cartman south park characters.jpg

The kids of "South Park" are the poster children for adult cartoons. With filthy mouths that would make Lenny Bruce and Red Foxx blush, nothing is off limits to the kids in "South Park". The satire ranges from brilliant to juvenile. The show has featured scenes involving people pooping from their mouths and has tackled the issue of female flatulence. It continues to do well even during its fifteenth season, and part of that success is attributed to its adult subject matter.

"Fritz the Cat".

Ralph Bakshi is one of the originators of the adult cartoon concept. His talent as an animator sometimes runs second to his desire to explore drugs and sex in animated form, and "Fritz the Cat" is the finest example of his work. Maybe "finest" is the wrong word; perhaps "notorious" is more accurate. Almost every possible indulgence is explored, from the recreational use of many, many drugs, to group copulation, to racism. The movie is a neat exercise in adult animation, but the film borders on the pornographic, which makes it a no-no for children.

"Heavy Metal".

If you've ever wanted to know what an acid trip is like, "Heavy Metal" is the film for you. As you may expect from the title, the film has a good hard rock/heavy metal soundtrack, but its visual style is hard to pin down. The movie features cool muscle cars flying through space, ridiculously proportioned females dressed in skimpy outfits, and plenty of fantasy violence to sate your appetite. All of this makes for a weird and oddly entertaining film, but it's certainly not something that any kid should see.

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