If you've become sick of flipping channels and wading through the cesspool of over-tanned housewives, drunk guidos, and spoiled rich kids on The CW, you may be missing out on a few brilliant shows about paranormal phenomena. These are five supernatural shows every nerd should watch.

1. "Misfits"


A freak lightning storm suddenly leaves a group of misfits with superpowers, most of which are more like disadvantages. Sexy and she knows it Alisha suddenly can't be touched without sending the person touching her into a manic fit of lust. Shamed doping athlete Curtis suddenly has the ability to jump back to the past, but will he be able to change his? Kelly can read minds and sees what her boyfriend is thinking about her for the first time. Shy Simon has always felt invisible and now he can literally disappear into thin air. You'll have to see the first season to find out what always offensive and hilarious Nathan's superpower is.

2. "Lost Girl"


Bo is your average orphan girl who grew up to be kick-ass, having had to fend for herself growing up. Not only does she not know who her parents are, she doesn't know what she is. The only hint she has is waking up to a dead boyfriend after doing the deed in high school. Turns out Bo is a succubus and her peoloe are the "Fae," who try to force her to choose between Light and Dark Fae. Not quite as easy as picking between Diet or Regular Coke, but Bo can hold her own against any supernatural being with the help of her friends.

3. "Fringe"


If you haven't been watching "Fringe," you've been missing out. FBI agent Olivia Dunham is suddenly whipped out of her reverie to find that the she's been blind to the world she's been living in, having been assigned paranormal cases without being told what her partner already knew. When she is called on duty to investigate a flight on which the passengers seemingly melted on air, she is introduced to three things that will change her life forever - an unexplained series of phenomena called "The Pattern," Dr. Walter Bishop and his son Peter.

4. "Being Human"


"Being Human" is the story kind of like "How I Met Your Mother" or "Friends" except the jokes aren't quite as lame and the roommates aren't quite human. Watch to see what happens when a ghost girl, a werewolf and a vampire all have to share one roof. Just be sure to check out the original British version. Although American spin-offs can even be a bit of an improvement (like with Shameless), that's not the case with "Being Human" and Misfits.

5. "Lost"


Whoever made the promos for "Lost" should have one a prize for that alone. Everyone who got hooked on this show knew they would be before it even aired. When a plane crashes on an island which seems to be the middle of nowhere, no one would have initially guessed that all the survivors are interlinked and the island is almost a character on it's own. It's the intricately woven mysteries of this show that kept the audience hooked, even when every episode left them even more confused instead of giving answers. Those who like to interpret clues for themselves instead of having it spelled out for them will love this show anyway.