Not everyone buys into the fandom that surrounds "Entourage". Actor Vincent Chase is good looking, but chances are your local club has a hotter bartender. So how does this guy suddenly catapult his way into so much fame and money that not only is he rolling in dough, so is his entire entourage? "Entourage" is a prime example that talent isn't a prerequisite of success. Here are five other shows that make the same point - you don't need talent to be famous.


"The Hills"

Each of the kids in "The Hills" live in multi-million dollar houses spread around the Los Angeles area. All these teenagers ever do on "The Hills" is drive around in their Range Rovers, shopping, getting pedicures, going to parties and going to L.A.'s trendiest eateries for lunch. This "reality" show was like the teenage version of "Real Housewives." The funny thing is, the kids in this show act like they're in their 30's, as do the 40 and 50-something reality housewives. Even after floating through high school, "The Hills" kids continued to get jobs, spin-off shows and enough fame to make a living out of posing for pictures.


"Jersey Shore"

"Jersey Shore" is the ultimate reality show about talentless slobs who make upwards of $100,000 per episode just to drink, party and hook up. Unfortunately, they can't even do that well. The show chronicles how badly they fail at absolutely everything. When it comes to drinking, Ronnie turns into angry hulk, abusing his girlfriend and beating people unconscious. Snooki and Deena drink to the point of blacking out. Snooki gets a urinary tract infection. Instead of taking care of her STD, she takes antibiotics and knowingly renders them useless by binge drinking the following night. Happy scratching, Snooki.


"2 And a Half Men"

How does a man who writes sappy jingles for a living end up living in a multi-million dollar beach house? Ask Charlie Harper. And how does said man assault his liver with alcohol on a daily basis continue to write said jingles? Charlie's finances aside, can someone please explain exactly how Charlie gets lucky with so many beautiful women, in spite of his aging looks and tacky clothes that would better suit a fifth grader? Harper is prime example of how talentless hacks wind up lucky on screen and in real life too.



True to form, "90210" is a show about privileged kids in Beverly Hills. Born into money, they never really needed talent to make it in this world. All they needed was their birth certificates. Naomi's parents divorce and fall off the face of the planet, but not before leaving her with a seemingly bottomless trust fund, which she uses to throw parties, shop on Rodeo drive and buy mansions (yes, plural.) Annie's parents go broke but not soon after, an aging actress leaves her a fortune just for having conversations with her and throwing out her trash. Adriana discovers she can sing and suddenly becomes a worldwide celebrity. See the pattern here?


"Gossip Girl"

In this series, the kids have more money than most adults in New York. Chuck is New York's youngest billionaire and yet the only thing he excels at is scoffing at anyone with a bank balance less than his and wearing fruity-colored ties that bend the norms for gender-appropriate colors. Blair excels only at yelling at her maid, scoffing at anyone carrying shameful brand names like "Samsonite" or attending schools for commoners like "NYU". Serena drops out of college before it even begins yet is worshipped by her peers as well as society for being a pretty, leggy blonde. Who drops out of Yale for no good reason, especially when you can afford it? If you can't stand talentless people living life as if the world is their oyster to shuck, you'll hate this show.