5 Reasons Everyone Should Watch Parks And Recreation

Thursday, January 12 by Jeff Keleher

Ron Swanson. Chances are if you’ve heard any praise for “Parks & Rec“, it came with heaping orgiastic laudation for Ron Swanson, and with damn good reason. The burly, mustachioed paragon to American individualism and self-reliance is on the short list for funniest character on television. The more the details of his life become unearthed, the stranger and more colossal a figure he becomes, yet it all somehow manages to make sense. Of course, the same man who keeps ground chuck in his desk, buries stashes of gold on his property and almost exclusively dates women named Tammy (including his own midwife) would moonlight as a heartland heartthrob, jazz flautist. He would have to, right?

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