How crazy can a wedding be? All you need is a bride, a groom, a wedding party, cake and a little bit of alcohol to get the guests loose enough to dance. A wedding ceremony can be stressful but they usually end with everyone a little happier, a little more drunk than when they first arrived. However, when weddings are on TV they need to be a little more than that to keep viewers entertained. Sometimes they get so unpredictable they go down in TV history as being some of the most ridiculous weddings to be shown on air.


1. Ross and Emily, "Friends"

Our favorite sitcom from the 90s follows a group of friends who sometimes toe the line between mates by hooking up and falling in love and becoming friends again. Somewhere in the middle of all this confusion, Ross forgets he’s no longer with Rachel, his current friend and former flame. Unfortunately, this lapse in memory comes at the worst possible time. Instead of saying “I take thee, Emily,” he blurts out Rachel’s name instead. Emily would agree that Ross amped up the ridiculous in this crazy TV wedding. This trans-Atlantic wedding is made even more memorable as Rachel is watching all this go down and Monica and Chandler are having a secret fling of their own.

2. Ted and Stella, "How I Met Your Mother"

HIMYM is all about a wedding that’s to take place in the future. Along the way to meeting and marrying his future wife, Ted hooks up with more than his fair share of Mrs. Wrongs and even falls hard into believing a few of those are Mrs. Rights. In this ridiculous TV sitcom wedding, Ted’s fiance is off getting ready to marry another guy while he waits for her to walk down the isle. That's a deep and terrible burn, but it does set the stage for wacky wedding hijinks!

3. Preston Burke and Cristina Yang, "Grey’s Anatomy"

When Christina decides to marry, it’s a crazy day because Christina never seemed like the marrying type. This type A scalpel-wielding, surgery-loving doctor always has her career on her mind. When she shows her softer side in being a good friend to Meredith, or when she breaks out in dance because she’s in a good mood, it’s almost as strange as seeing a cat and a dog instantly become friends. So when Christina turns into a beautiful blushing bride, it’s even more ridiculous that the guy who had that effect on her hardly appreciates it and disappears. In this ridiculously sad TV wedding, Christina’s friends come to the rescue and show that friendship can be even more powerful than falling in love.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, England’s Royal Wedding (Broadcast Live Worldwide)

The perfect modern-day example of excess, the royal wedding has to be on this list, if for no other reason than the fact that it was built up to such epic proportions and shown on live television. If you examine it further, it gets even wilder (or dumber). The son of a puppet ruler (prince in name only, political clout is zero) married a pretty girl. It'd be like if the son of a Fortune 500 CEO married a pretty girl. The world still tuned in, pretty oblivious to the fact that these two people are going to be very inconsequential when it comes to shaping to course of history.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

This TV wedding has to be the most ridiculous TV wedding of all time. When Kim Kardashian got sight of how Kate Middleton’s engagement had endeared her to the world, she decided to jump on the bandwagon by snagging a fiance of her own. The only problem was that the entire fiasco seemed to have been staged for ratings. As the sham wedding unraveled, Kim started to see her short-lived career crash and burn as people began to find out just how many millions she had made to be a pretend bride in one of the worst recessions of all time.