Today, Kourtney Kardashian announced to the press that she will be bringing another fame whore into the world. So far, she has not detailed how she will be cashing in on the pregnancy, but you can bet that magazines will shell out top dollar for rights to first pictures, and a reality television camera will likely follow her into the delivery room. Then, after 72 days, we'll all be shocked when she announces that she doesn't want the baby anymore and tries to shove it back into her womb. Those wacky Kardashians.

Okay. So maybe that's a bit extreme. One thing we do know is that the coverage of her pregnancy is certain to be nauseating. Much like these five pregnancy-centric reality shows.

16 and Pregnant

If there's one mission that 16 and Pregnant has achieved, it's raising the awareness that it's hilarious when fat people hit one another. Also, pregnancy is bad. Never get pregnant. But seriously. It may seem insensitive to laugh after heavyset-on-heavyset violence, but I counter that accusation with this:

I rest my case.

Pregnant in Heels

Bravo's Pregnant in Heels follows Maternity Concierge Rosie Pope as she helps entitled, expectant New York caricatures and their effeminate husbands trick out their nurseries and obtain other assorted baby needs. Just don't go to her with any spell check needs.

Scott Baio Is 46... and Pregnant

Don't let the banner image fool you. Scott Baio is 46... and Pregnant is not about Chachi's Thomas Beatie-esque attempts to father a child himself. It focuses more on his selfish fear and adjustment to the idea of having to wake up early and have a baby touching his stuff with all of its baby germs. Who can blame him? I'd be pissed too to find Honey Nut Cheerios in my humidor.

The Rachel Zoe Project

I'll admit that I have never watched The Rachel Zoe Project. But when I began researching this article and asking around she was everyone's first recommendation for nauseating pregnant reality stars. Strength in numbers.

Tori & Dean: Inn Love

Tori & Dean: Inn Lovefollows the couple as they eagerly search for a way to spend the inheritance she netted from her estranged, dead father. Well, at least it has likable characters at its center. The first season follows the expectant couple as they search for a bed and breakfast to fix up and make terrible with their presence. By season two, they were no longer enamored with the notion of working for a living and returned to the limelight of Hollywood having successful spun her inheritance into more wealth and fame.