Hypochondria is no laughing matter. Okay, that's a lie. It can actually be plenty funny, but maybe not if you're the hypochondriac who's doing all the worrying. To avoid becoming such a worry wart, it's best to get your medical facts straight. You may not want to refer to all of the five shows on this list for medical advice, because much like "House" has done, watching these may make you think that you're incredibly sick.


Dr. Kelso’s work on the financial aspect behind running a hospital should make you ill at the logic that needs to occur to keep a medical center running. Filled with plenty of humor and drama, “Scrubs” doesn’t spare you from the daily pain and loss of the patients that come through the doors. And like any good medical show, it peppers in plenty of personal stories and even a little romance. The “My Missed Perception” episode shows that doctors aren’t quite as all-knowing and all-powerful as you might have believed.

“Grey’s Anatomy”

With enough drama to make any fabricated “reality” show jealous, “Grey’s Anatomy” has enough illnesses and emo staff to make anyone ill for a long, long time. Whether it’s the sight of blood or the numerous emotional train wrecks that go on, you’ll definitely have enough to reach for your own favorite painkillers by the end of each season. “Into You Like a Train” shows off a mistake that leads to death and might have you going for a third opinion the next time you’re sick. As reviled by many as it is loved by others, there's no doubt that "Grey's Anatomy" will have you feeling sick.


Vanity takes charge as patients seek to regain what time has taken or fate has left out by going the plastic surgery route in “Nip/Tuck”. Offering a nice reality check on the people behind the surgical masks, the doctors’ personalities get put on display, warts and all. Try to keep your stomach contents inside once you see “Oona Wentworth” and the crazy steps people will take to fix what they consider is wrong with them. You may want to take better care of your skin now, instead of relying on surgery when you get old.

“Nurse Jackie”

There is nothing quite like a junkie nurse to bring out a fear of hospitals. “Nurse Jackie” is a juggling act of a show as you watch her balance both her home life and work life and two different relationships all while keeping her addiction both fed and unseen. “Sleeping Dogs” might be enough to cause you serious stomach pain as you worry about the nurses around you the next time you hit up the hospital for your recurring rash from eating too many Lucky Charms marshmallow bits.

“Royal Pains”

The idle and not-so-idle rich get to show off their boo-boos and ouchies in “Royal Pains." Although well-ensconced in beds of money, these patients still can’t avoid the genetic roll of the dice everyone takes during conception. That harsh realization that even cold hard cash can’t necessarily do anything about terrible illnesses might just make you sick or you might get ill at not having all that material wealth around to get sick upon. A definite time-killer of a show, pay attention to episodes like “Mano a Mano” which focus on Hank Med’s benefactor Boris as they lift the show up from fairly standard medical white noise.