These five Japanese sexy TV shows let the cat out of the bag. The Japanese may have a stiff honor code and work ethic, but when it comes to late night TV, they let it all hang out. These five Japanese sexy TV shows are littered with boob jiggling contests, mechanical saddles, and lots of bikini’s-because really how else are you to ride a mechanical saddle? The girls are having lots of fun, as the constant stream of giggling proves, and so will you.

  1.  “Don’t Ram the Boobs!” is the most innovative of the Japanese sexy TV shows. The male contestants must get as close to the boobs as possible without actually ramming them. They glide forward in a prostrate position on a water board, and must judge just the right amount of push off to use. Their face is right at boob level. Supposedly, they lose if they glide face first into the boobs. They will get an electrical “zap” if they ram the boobs. It's one of those games where eve the losers are winners. How fun is that?

  2. “Yarisugi” is one of the most delightful of the Japanese sexy TV shows. It’s a cream pie tossing contest, and everybody loves a good cream pie toss. Japanese girls throw cream pies at each other while wearing little bikini’s, and trying to stay balanced on a gyrating mechanical saddle. The giggles are never ending. 

  3. “Gilgamesh Night” was a late night Japanese variety show. It was formatted like a talk show.  A talk show about sex. The show was interspersed with skits that included going to a bar where the waitresses don’t wear underwear. The show also believed in taking a much neede break in order to indulge in a lingerie shoot. It’s one of the more blatantly sexy of the Japanese sexy TV shows because it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. This show is also typical of the popular programming of late night Japanese TV.

  4. “51 Degrees” is one of the wackiest of the Japanese sexy TV shows. The title refers to the temperature of the scalding hot water in which the male contestants immerse themselves. They sit on a pad at the bottom of the tank. The longer they sit, the longer they can watch a delicious, Japanese girl in a skimpy bikini be gyrated around on, yes, another mechanical saddle. She has little wires attached to her nipples to measure the amount of boob jiggles. Whichever team can withstand the hot water, and get the most boob jiggles, wins. 

  5. “Minisuka Police” is a naughty version of cops and robbers. Scantily clad young Japanese girls run around arresting offending men, with the expected slew of yummy, fun escapades ensuing. Fortunately, this is one of the Japanese sexy TV shows that is making a comeback. The show has a huge following, and the girls are not averse to stripping to their panties, and glad handing everyone of their followers.