5 Great Locations For Top Chef And A Few For Masters And Desserts

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Mexico City

Mexico City is among the largest cities in the world and it isn’t all that far from the States. Of course, this alone isn’t a compelling reasons to get the chefs down there for a month or so, but when you couple that with the fact that it’s a historically cosmopolitan city that also offers up a very distinct domestic cuisine, this seems to be a bit of a no-brainer.

Sending the chefs to Mexico City wouldn’t be like sending them to Cambodia or anything, but seeing them in a slightly uncomfortable locale coul break up the monotony that sets in after so many seasons of the same format.

Also, it would be fun to see one of the chefs get kidnapped. That would mean one less elimination challenge.

“It is Bravo’s policy not to negotiate with hostage takers.”

A week later, a heavily tattooed arm arrives with the fish delivery.


Whereas Mexico City would represent a mild culture shock, Tokyo would really move the meter. I’m hazarding a guess that 90% of the chefs on the show only have experience cooking for American palettes, so let’s see what they can do when tasked with serving up micro portions of the world’s best seafood and beef with little in the way of sauces and spices to mask their preparation.

Mostly, though, I would just like the Japanese voices to be overdubbed like they were in the original Iron Chef. Make sure that every Asian woman has at-least a one giggle-to-sentence ratio. Sure, this locale would probably produce the most singularly-focused food of all the cities listed, but it’s Japanese food, and I can’t think of a better cuisine to focus on.

Also, I want a guest judge to convey that a dish is so poorly-prepared that he feels “dishonored.” SNAP!


Paris is a beautiful city, the mecca for western (and eastern) cooking techniques, with a wide variety of cuisines available. Why wouldn’t it be the next stop on the Top Chef tour. Further, this stop would be the perfect opportunity to grab some new blood in the contest. Sure, there have been some foreign chefs on the show thus far, but they haven’t been pulled from restaurants anywhere but in the US. That seems a little myopic.

Grab some French chefs, some British ones, some Spanish ones, and perhaps a couple North African cooks. Make the Americans the minority in this one and see how it plays out. Sure, we won’t get tailgate challenges or anything like that, but we’ll possibly get introduced to a few foreign customs that we weren’t familiar with.

Fun AND educational. Shit yeah.

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