5 Evil TV Animals You Would Have Put Down

Wednesday, April 3 by Stu Moody



Generally, when we think of animals, we think of pets. They're cuddly, cute, loyal, and are the subject of many internet videos. After that, it's wild animals we think of. Not necessarily lovable, but they’re wild. They can’t be held responsible for their behavior, so therefore not evil. But beyond those creatures, out in the realm of Hollywood, there exists a cadre of evil animals, malicious mammals, scary serpents…you get the idea. They’re scary critters, and the five evil movie animals on this list are the worst of the worse.


1. Jaws

Quint jaws.jpg

Though the shark was different in each “Jaws” film, they all had evil intentions. In fact, in the fourth entry, Jaws somehow tracks his quarry from Amity Island all the way to the Bahamas. Killing people on tropical vacation for revenge is damn evil, and Jaws in all his permutations is evil incarnate. Just ask Quint. Man, that was a bad way to go out.


2. Cujo


From the movie of the same name, we have Cujo, the formerly lovable St. Bernard turned psycho killer. Sure, you could blame it on rabies, but maybe Cujo gave into the hatred that burned in his soul. He embraced the evil, and then he trapped a woman and her son in their car for a while. The image of those huge paws slamming into the window is still scary, never mind the snarls and growls of a huge, crazy dog.


3. Queen Spider (“Arachnophobia”)


You wouldn’t think that spiders would be all that cunning, right? How much brain could be in those bodies? Apparently enough to menace Jeff Daniels, because the Queen Spider brings the hurt. And the death. She stalks Jeff in his own basement, and even a makeshift flamethrower isn’t enough to put her down. An overgrown, venomous spider is about as evil as evil gets.


4. Gray Gorillas (“Congo”)


Some might argue that those gorillas are only protecting their territory. But why not fling poo at intruders like normal apes? Instead of that, the gray gorillas opt for bashing in people’s heads with rocks. That reads pretty high on the “Evil-ometer.” They also eat skin, tear limbs apart, and are generally pretty terrible. All to protect diamonds they’ll never get to really use. Such a waste.


5. Flying Monkeys (“Wizard of Oz”)


They work for a witch, okay? A witch is evil enough that the monkeys would be evil just by proxy. But these monkeys earn their evil reputation, too. Look at what they did to the poor Scarecrow, ripping his innards out and throwing them all over the place. They might as well have disemboweled the guy. When you start ripping guts out, you’ve definitely earned the right to be called an evil movie animal.

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