5 Evil Parents You Are Happy You Didn?t Grow Up With

Friday, May 3 by Gregory Wakeman



When you were younger, you probably thought that you had the worst parents in the world. This might be because they scorned you in front of your pals, or maybe it came as a result of them not giving you any pocket money, but you probably reacted in an abusive and loud manner to the news. However, as the years progress, you ultimately come to the conclusion that your parents aren’t that bad after all. But for some film characters, that simply isn’t the case. Here are five evil movie parents that you should be happy you didn’t grow up with.


Darth Vader, “Star Wars”


Darth Vader blows up his daughter’s home planet and then does battle with his son, Luke, in the central air shaft of Cloud City, which results in him severing his son’s right hand. Vader sees this as the perfect time to tell him about their relationship, and Luke decides to jump down the shaft rather than hug his father. A bad Dad all round.


Daniel Plainview,  “There Will Be Blood”

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/daniel-day-lewis-170/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>daniel day lewis</a> daniel plainview.jpg” src=”http://media1.break.com/breakstudios/2011/11/17/daniel day lewis daniel plainview.jpg” /></p>
	Daniel Plainview isn’t just a bad dad, he’s a bad human being in general. It doesn’t start off that way though, having watched his child's biological father die, Daniel decides to take H.W as his own. But as a result of an injury that leaves him deaf, Daniel drifts apart from his son, and after several years he decides to brutally reveal that he isn’t the boy’s father, calling him a bastard in the process. Harsh.</p>
	<strong>Russell’s Parents, “Up”</strong></p>
<p style= up-russell.jpg

It’s hard to judge Russell’s parents because they are only in the film for one shot, but it’s safe to say that they hardly seem bothered by their son’s disappearance with the crazy old man from down the street…even though they’ve flown off in a house that is elevated by balloons. Still, at least they get back safe and sound.


Mrs Bates, “Psycho”


We only get to see the consequences that Norman’s mother’s actions had on his life. Because of her domineering impact on him, which meant that he couldn’t have a life outside of her, Norman turns into a murderer. It is stated that he killed his mother and her new lover and then, overcome with guilt and looking to suppress the memory of her death, he lived his life with two personas, one as Norman, and one where he dressed up as his mum and killed anyone who her son found attractive. What an odd family.


Kate McCallister, “Home Alone”


Leaving your child at home alone once, shame on you. Leaving your child at home twice? You should really put them in the care of someone else for their safety. 

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