"Entourage" is all about living the life as a Hollywood star, with your best friends along for the entire ride. With friends that both keep Vince in check as well as support his crazier, indulgent moments, this sitcom dishes out both anger and love at the Hollywood scene while delivering the laughs. Gather your friends up and see how your stack up with these "Entourage" quotes about the high life.

Everyone wants to kill the king. But the prince, he just sails along telling all the ladies, "One day I'm gonna be king." Vincent Chase gets to show off some atypical insight as he explains why it’s best to be in line to the throne without ever sitting in it. The prince gets to go on adventures while the king gets to hear about some sheep farmer’s problems with wool smugglers so be smart and aim for second best, it’ the American way. A well-placed “Entourage” quote about living the high life that makes sense on fighting enough to be rewarded in life without fighting so hard that you won’t enjoy the life you earned.

Look at where we are. Did you ever think we'd have this?” With the glamour of Hollywood surrounding them at a party, Vince gives voice to the surprise of actually reaching both his dream and his friends’ dreams. With an incredulity that belies the undercurrent of confidence, this quote from “Entourage” keeps the glimmer on the successes Vince has reached while showing that he doesn’t consider it a solo accomplishment but a group one. A great line to use when you’re showing off your latest bulk purchase of ramen from a rented truck behind the gas station.

We are gonna get drunk with Russell Crowe and we're gonna head-butt some goddamn kangaroos.” If the good life involves more than getting drunk with famous actors and fighting exotic animals then it must be a life after death because this should be as good as it gets. You didn’t get famous to not eat endangered animals so make sure when you’ve become wealthy to chow down on some panda or dolphin burgers. An “Entourage” quote that shows off what happens when the normal things in life become boring and you need a new type of entertainment fix. If this is the path you’d like to travel, you should probably start small with hedgehogs and maybe a lazy koala before you graduate to the fighting skills of the Kangaroo, but then again it’s your money.

“….if you want a Beverly Hills mansion, a country club membership, and nine weeks a year in a Tuscan villa, then I'm gonna need to take a call when it comes in at noon on a motherf*****g Wednesday!” The high life doesn’t come cheap, especially when you’re married and have a family. Luckily for Ari Gold, he’s capable of voicing calmly his reasoning being on the phone 24/7. The rarefied air of the rich and famous still requires some elbow grease to keep the train on the tracks, and this is made evident in the laundry list that Gold rattles off as defense for his type A personality. Getting paid to be a straight up bastard is the childhood dream of most red blooded males just above “Russian roulette champion” and just under “Repopulate planet by becoming last male on Earth”.

He doesn't trust anyone in this world but you. You've been born into royalty, baby. You know it. Now you just gotta be thankful and wear the crown.” Gold explains to Eric that he needs to stop examining why riches are coming his way and to be gracious in his acceptance of the opportunities and wealth that has come his way. There are few things worse than a person who constantly nitpicks at why he’s doing well. No one wears coattails anymore but there’s plenty of other things for you to ride on, so get your fame radar going and earn those collateral bucks.  Forget about your one community college course on accounting and learn from Gold’s “Entourage” quote on how to earn your cash.