Comedy often takes the high or low road, but these 5 Adult Swim shows that are frighteningly funny forge their own path. There are enough cartoon comedic gems here that you will want to run outside to tell everyone—just remember to put on underwear this time.

"The Venture Bros."

"The Venture Bros." feels like you are viewing what goes on behind the scenes of a comic book. With a mad scientist who mixes indifference and controlling parenting while trying to step out of the huge shadow his father left behind, this show delves into so many layers of dysfunction that Dante's "Inferno" feels like it needs a revision to add about twenty more levels. The politicking between villains and heroes feels like it would fit perfectly in our reality and provides a constant stream of laughter as every single character gets their weaknesses and insecurities put under a microscope for viewers' enjoyment. You need to watch Brock Sampson as the nanny/bodyguard at least once in your life.

"Robot Chicken"

Action figures come out of their boxes to interact in this Adult Swim show. "Robot Chicken" is a sketch show where the sketches can last for a few seconds to minutes and each one feels like a solid, loving punch to your funny bone. The creation of personal lives for the toys as well as the abundance of imaginative scenarios makes a show that transcends the normal male-heavy bias that action figures have carried for decades. Anything featuring Skeletor is worth its weight in gold.

"Childrens Hospital"

A show created by Rob Corddry that takes flashbacks and near insane "previously on" lead-in segments to an art form. The craziest of personalities and situations are released in a hospital that acerbates every character's insanity. Fall into this comedy and you'll soon find that there's no escaping how funny this Adult Swim show is. The doctors have less medical knowledge than someone with a dial-up connection to WebMD and the patients are surlier than anyone who's ever quit smoking, but together they give the audience a plethora of double takes and belly laughs as they go about their day in and out of "Childrens Hospital." Make sure to check out the '70s flashback episode for an over the top amount of chuckles.

"Black Dynamite"

Even though only the pilot for "Black Dynamite" is out, it was so strong that the future of the series seems set for hilarity. Just the scene where Black Dynamite attempts to get the secret recipe via his "charms" gives you the foresight that this show is going to be genius. Watch their take on "Sesame Street" and even the staunchest pro-Muppet fan will be won over by their dedication to the jokes. Fueled by the beauty of inverse racism, "Black Dynamite" is a comedic street brawl that you never want to end.

"Aqua Unit Patrol Squad"

If you haven't seen "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" you might be at a loss for some of "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad," so feel free to school yourself on the background but know that there isn't too much to catch up on before you're comfortable in the universe of three talking foodstuffs. Do yourself a favor and watch the episode "The Creditor" to see what the beautifully twisted minds behind this show can do when blending debt and Master Shake. If you aren't scared at how many laughs you're having at Carl's expense, you're one of those rare beautiful snowflakes you read about in hipster coloring books.