For the nights when laugh tracks and plot lines that run from A to B in a straight line no longer cut it for you, here are four shows like “The Event” that will leave you confused and intrigued. With plots that make you ponder and question what happened and what will happen, these storylines will get your brain running again after the latest fail bombs of the fall sit-com lineup kicked it comatose. Fire up Google, grab your thinking pen and Hello Kitty notebook and start dissecting the plot lines until you have got it all figured out.


Multiple nuclear attacks on major cities in the United States kick off this hybrid of thriller and drama as the people of “Jericho” begin a new chapter of their lives. Like “The Event,” there are questions whose answers bring more questions. This show builds intrigue as well as leaving you confused as to what has happened between the scenes. The characters live lives that are not all small town apple pie and the relationships and troubles they had before the bombs went off get magnified and are allowed to evolve fully throughout the overarching storyline. The feeling of terror and loneliness as an individual and a community are made real enough that the whole scenario feels just barely out of reach as if ripped from the headlines just a few years into our future. Make sure to watch the episode where the first rain falls as it builds fear inside you from start to finish. Skeet Ulrich provides a performance that illuminates the flaws of his character so fully that you end up engrossed in his evolution as he comes to grips with his internal and external demons.

The Lost Room.”

Detective Miller stumbles into a hotel key that allows access through any door to “The Lost Room” and his world changes for the worse. Room 10 does not exist in this dimension anymore, but can be accessed via its room key and contains objects with mysterious powers. Some items get revealed while others remain undetermined. The ones that are out in the world make for a world of intrigue and chaos as Miller looks to regain his daughter who he had left in room 10. Mysterious organizations hunt for the key, some adoring the power, others creating a religion around the mysterious room 10. This show is intriguing due to the questions it raises as well as the questions it will not ask.  “The Comb” episode is a great one to watch as it explores the comb’s power and the addiction the room’s items can bring about.

The 4400.”

4400 people suddenly reappear after having disappeared throughout the past and the world wonders why. The intriguing question of why were they stolen from Earth gets raised right before the even scarier question of why they were given back comes up. Powers, politics and the chasm between who they were and who they now have to be gets paraded throughout the stories and leaves them as confused as you as to what their purpose might be, if there even is one. “The New Wolf” episode is a great mind smacker and throws Isabelle into a startling light.


Peter Dinklage (Game Of Thrones) and Brett Spiner take a look around at the potential alien invasion of the human race, shrug and then go for each other’s throats. Intrigue abounds as “Threshold” kicks off similarly to “The Event” with a downed UFO, but then it right turns with the aliens wanting to do a little D.N.A. interior designing with humans and turn us all into one big happy family. The potential for infection looms all around the core group, which allows for a lot of suspicion of part of the characters and the audience. Make sure to catch the preacher in the episode “Revelation” as it adds a realm of spiritual spookiness to the progress of the alien infection.