The realm of fantasy doesn’t have to be limited to magic wands and shirtless vampires as you will witness in 4 of the most badass scenes in “Game of Thrones”. Politics carry as deadly an edge as the swords in this series. Find yourself ensorcelled as an adult by the magic of a good story like you were as a child when your parents read to you at bedtime.

Tyrion gives a lesson on etiquette. Tyrion in “The Kingsroad” shows that height has no affect on regal bearing as he dishes out an open hand lesson to crown prince Joffrey. With each slap, the incredulity on Joffrey’s face deepens, as does the commanding aura of Tyrion until finally the prince submits to his uncle’s demands. With a scene that is badass from beginning to end, “Game of Thrones” shows that it is committed to delivering solid, well-paced drama that demands your attention.

Ser Gregor Clegane’s has a bit of a joust with Ser Hugh of the Veil. Gregor Clegane shares the same dictionary definition as “huge”. His fight with the comparatively diminutive Ser Hugh is a hard, fast battle that doesn’t end with a nice slap on the shoulder and a jocularly voiced “good game”. The strength of Clegane is demonstrated throughout the fight and the bloody end mashes this contest of skill into the ground like a medieval version of the curb stomp. Make sure to catch the story of Gregor Clegane and his brother as told by “little finger” as the joust ends. “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things” lives up to its title in this killer scene in “Game of Thrones”.

Eddard Stark versus Jaime Lannister. The vaunted swordsman of the Lannisters goes against the grizzled veteran Stark in “The Wolf and the Lion”. The swordplay is brilliant and presents such raw, fury filled strokes that it doesn’t have the feeling of choreography that a fair amount of sword fights project. Watch Jaime’s expression when the soldier prematurely ends the fight for a great close up. “Game of Thrones” makes this battle such a killer scene that you’ll feel a phantom pain in the back of your leg for days to come.

Viserys Targaryen gets his golden crown. The Targaryen prince is finally awarded the one thing that drove his life: a crown. Viserys is equal parts simpering noble and sadistic bastard and both halves are played with considerable talent by Harry Lloyd. Watch his face change from aggressive desire to pleased contentment as he thinks he finally will receive that which he’s desired for so long. “A Golden Crown” gives what it promises with kharma paying off all the debts Viserys has left behind him. A badass scene in “Game of Thrones” that awards the audience the death they’ve been howling for since the exiled prince first opened his mouth.