4 Muppets Characters You Know By Face But Not By Name

Wednesday, December 28 by Frost

Dr. Julius Strangepork.

Dr. Julius Strangepork.jpg

With blonde eyebrows that seem to come solely in the size “Extra ridiculous” with mildly mad scientists, Dr. Julius Strangepork is a Muppet character you’d know by face but not necessarily by name. Often in the company of the “Pigs in Space” crew, Dr. Strangepork has that vaguely threatening old-school European accent that has you running through your mental checklist of “Things I Need to Flee the Country”. Check out Strangepork’s bedside manner as he delivers a little electroshock therapy to cure Link Hogthrob’s space disease in the Alice Cooper episode of season three of “The Muppet Show”.

Uncle Deadly.

Uncle Deadly.jpg

Not often do felt and plush furs create a nightmare being but that is exactly what happened with Uncle Deadly. With deep-set eyes, a brow ridge any caveman would be proud of and covered in blue wispy whiskers, this Muppet has instant face recognition just not name recognition. Whether it is his malevolent aura or entitled actor persona that’s scariest, Uncle Deadly is plain freaky looking. With random cackles he stalks the cast of “The Muppet Show” during season one in the episode featuring Twiggy, making you double check the shadows even if he’s just a Muppet.

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