4 Muppets Characters You Know By Face But Not By Name

Wednesday, December 28 by Frost

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With enough crazy antics to keep your mind spinning, there’s no wonder that these are 4 Muppets characters you know by face but not by name. Get reacquainted with these supporting characters that make some serious first, second and fifteenth impressions.

Lew Zealand.

Lew Zealand.jpg

Even without that overbearing smell of a fish-processing factory, Lew Zealand stands out from the crowd. Spiky hair, a clown red nose, one heckuva mustache and a Victorian era collar make Lew a Muppet Show”. Make sure to check out his fish-throwing act as he turns Leslie Uggams into his involuntary sideshow assistant in season three.

Crazy Harry.

Crazy Harry.jpg

With a beard, pasty complexion and a general ambiance that feels like he just woke up from another night under a dumpster, Crazy Harry is instantly recognizable. Even if he won some sort of Muppet makeover, this is a Muppet character you’d never forget as he has quite the penchant for literally blowing everything up. It’s wildly surprising that he isn’t known as “Three Finger Harry” or “Recently Deceased Harry” but clearly he’s a crafty demolitions expert that knows how to dodge shrapnel. Crazy Harry’s explosive accompaniment during Chanson D’Amour in the Rich Little episode of season two of “The Muppet Show” is one for the books.

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