Entourage” is a show that takes place in a reality only slightly different from our own. While some stars may be fabricated other “Entourage” guest stars play themselves to better build the reality of the show. Also who doesn’t like to see a real world porn star sleep with the lead in a show.

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James Cameron

James Cameron guest starred in a number of “Entourage” episodes as the director of the fictional film Aqua Man. Playing a more eccentric and crazy version of himself Cameron flew helicopters and demanded that his actors be able to fire spear canons like pros.  But even the fake James Cameron made an incredibly profitable fake film.

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey played a large role as the the lead character Vince’s porn star girlfriend. Playing well within type was easy for the existential former porn actress, and Grey showed no modesty in consistently baring her body for the camera in multiple episodes. Truly some great method acting from the young starlet.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore played a massively fictionalized version of herself for the show.  With an entire new background as Vince’s ex and Aqua Man costar.  Moore’s guest starring role was the largest example of an actress playing herself but not herself for the show

Mark Cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban played himself in a number of “Entourage” cameos in the last season of the show.  As an investor in a tequila venture Cuban brought some real world heft to the fiction of the show, and proved that he truly is an awful awful actor. But when you can buy sports franchises convincing performances are the least of your worries.