Kick your frown to the curb with these four Comedy Central stand up specials you should watch on Netflix. Laughter might not be the best medicine if you’re in need of a cast, but it sure can take away tomorrow’s oncoming cubicle blues with the only overdose effects being random giggling throughout the week along with the occasional unattractive snort. Dip your toes in and if you don’t jump back, then dive in to the large sea of comedy just waiting for you to come find it.

"Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices." Giraldo leaves you wondering at each bit when the joke will hit and you end up trying to second guess where his punch line will lie and this makes him a spectacular comic. This Comedy Central special brings the failings of our culture, as well as the idiots who complain about the wrongs they feel have been leveled at them, to a continuous upward spiral of laughs. His take on texting and the beast it has become is pure, unadulterated humor. His 360-degree view on all of his bits allows the audience to see behind the thoughts and this just strengthens the hilariousness of his stand up. “Midlife Vices” is a show that won’t ever leave your Netflix queue because living without having it readily available is almost as bad as knowing Giraldo is gone for good.

"Jeffrey Ross: No Offense." Ross has somehow managed to be insanely funny while still lurking in the alleyways just across the main street where comedic fame lays. “No Offense” is a Comedy Central special where the stand up feels like Ross is a friend of yours just hanging out in the living room and decides to destroy everyone there. What makes Ross genius is his ability to cut someone to the core but with a heavy undercurrent of actual love for the audience. He’ll share his flaws for both your amusement as well as his own with a discerning perspective that can bring you to your knees in seizures of laughs. Keep an ear out for the reasons his aunt might have died, and store them for the next time someone asks you a stupid question about the death of a relative.

"Patton Oswalt: No Reason to Complain." You need to treat the comedy of Oswalt as a marathon. Hydrate and eat before and after. But during the special nothing, consume nothing but water, because you will snort, guffaw and spit out anything in your mouth while watching “No Reason to Complain.” So play it safe. Patton is the prizefighter of comedy where just when you think it’s safe to breathe, he’ll sucker punch you with more laughs and you’ll never be happier to get beaten silly. Oswalt’s comedy is a hybrid of keen insight and common sense that he uses to dissect everything from nerdly musings to the woes of society. If the answer to Patton’s question of whether he can get a mixed green salad doesn’t give you a permanent irregular heartbeat, it might be time for you to turn in Netflix membership and start getting into traveling puppet shows.

"John Oliver: Terrifying Times." Known from his gig on “The Daily Show” or from his podcast “The Bugle” with Andy Zaltzman, Oliver takes to the stage solo to throw his accent and views in your face but with perfect manners. “Terrifying Times” offers up the rare insight on America that you gain from living outside of the country. His powerful defense of the Oreo pizza is something glorious to behold, so make sure to pay attention to that as well as his passing of the torch for feeling bad in other countries from Britain to America. A comedian that might just teach you a few new words, Oliver illustrates the strength of slowly vanishing words, while bringing enough jokes to keep you laughing for hours.