If you bleed red, white and blue, figuritavely, then here are 4 “Colbert Report” episodes that every patriot should watch. If you’re bleeding, literally, please go see a doctor, just make sure you have them change the channel in the waiting room so you can join in on the fun. With class and sly humor, Colbert dissects the current issues until you see the underlying causes behind each piece of news.

  1. October 19th, 2011. Former administrator of the E.P.A, Carol Browner is given time to dispute claims by some of the Republican presidential candidates claims that the E.P.A has destroyed jobs through its regulation of businesses. Author Ali Soufan, F.B.I special agent and interrogator, is interviewed about his book "The Black Banners," which allows the audience to see into the world of interrogation and Soufan’s views on enhanced interrogation techniques versus building a connection between interrogator and subject. As a patriot you should watch this “Colbert Report” as it behooves you to understand both sides of an issue in order to have an educated opinion.

  2. May 17th, 2011. Colbert brings the Communistic leanings and martial arts skills of the panda bear to light, making sure that all red, white and blue patriots are made aware of the growing danger in their cold, dead bear eyes. “The Word” segment takes on current doublespeak on whether waterboarding produces tangible intelligence results thus saving lives. Amy Kremer, chairman of the Tea Party Express, gives her views on raising taxes and government spending thus allowing her group’s perspective to be voiced. This is a “Colbert Report” episode that patriots need to watch in order to gain insight into the truth behind government actions for intelligence gathering as well as knowledge about one of the Tea Party groups.

  3. October 25th, 2011. Kicking off with their own take on the rather bizarre Herman Cain presidential ad; “The Colbert Report” tackles the murky and hilarious political waters of marketing a campaign utilizing personal vices. Filmmaker Susan Saladoff breaks down what a 'tort' is as well as why 'tort reform' would be detrimental to Americans. This “Colbert Report” episode is good for every patriot as a knowledge of the imbalance in tort law can help towards making the right decision when issues like these come up in debates as well as voting.

  4. May 12th, 2011. "The Looming Tower" author, Lawrence Wright discusses the present relevance of Al-Qaeda as well as the need for working towards lowering tensions instead of inciting them. Wright’s perspective on lessening the fronts on which America has placed its military promotes a higher degree of focus for the armed forces. John Bradshaw is interviewed on his book, "Dog Sense", which delves into the D.N.A of man’s best furry friend. The projection of human emotions and intelligence onto your furry friend is examined and gently dismissed. A perfect episode of “The Colbert Report” for patriots as learning about current terror threats and dogs is far more American than apple pie. A patriot that doesn’t own a dog or a morbidly obese cat is operating at a lower level of America loving that no amount of flag bumper stickers can fix.