4 Bored To Death Episodes That Every Wannabe Detective Should Watch

Sunday, December 4 by Frost

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	A writer with a severe case of <span data-scayt_word=naiveté tackles mysteries along with his friends in these 4 “Bored to Death” episodes that every wannabe detective should watch. With an ensemble cast that leads lives that are just as enthralling as the lead actors, this sitcom brings a genuine love for the hidden intrigue in the lives of strangers that drop in to have their problems solved. Enjoy the clearly evident love of mystery in each and every storyline and find out if it is a life suited for you.

“The Case of the Lonely White Dove” – A great detective lesson for every wannabe detective, as “The Case of the Lonely White Dove” tackles love, rejection and the simple mistakes one can make when walking into an unfamiliar situation. Additional knowledge one can glean from this story is that first and foremost, one should avoid any dealings with any type of mob. Criminals tend to not want to hug the situation out or even talk it out, so do your best to avoid crime and stick to lost pets in your detective pursuits. Ray, played by Zach Galifianakis, gives possibly the most important life lesson ever with this simple line: “I do my best work hungover…have less brain cells to confuse the issue.” Don’t let emotions get in your sleuthing way; keep it simple and focused when pursuing your own “Bored to Death” lifestyle. Make sure to pay attention when the brass knuckles come out just in case your future holds those types of implements.

"Escape from the Dungeon!" - The law needs a helping hand from Jonathan the Craigslist detective, and thus another important facet for the beginning detective is made clear: money can be made from the least expected places and people. Throw in the dedication shown by Jonathan in helping his client via a gimp suit and the resultant loyalty of George to getting Jonathan free and you have a spectacular episode in “Escape from the Dungeon!” The story alone will help you get your armchair detective business off the ground with a handful of skills and enough laughs to help you roll with the punches and growing pains you’re sure to fall headlong into as you start out.

Make it Quick, Fitzgerald!” – Loyalty gets showcased and severely tested, as Jonathan has to choose between loyalty to a client and loyalty to a friend. Outside of the case, Ray shows some serious friendship powers in a bathroom scene that will either leave you wishing you had that good a friend or realizing you already do. Pay attention to the absolute genuine feel the interactions between Ted Danson and Oliver Platt. This "Bored to Death" episode gives you some serious brain cred for your newborn detecting skills that will go nicely with the street cred you’ll need to build if you’re ever going to solve the case of the missing lemonade stand and the incontinent helper monkey.

The Case of the Grievous Clerical Error!” - The important lesson if not a commandment for your future life as a detective is that your business is probably going to revolve around a wheelbarrow full of missing pet cases. No five hundred dollar per diems plus expenses here, just find mommy’s little precious and maybe earn enough to go halfsies on a pizza with your roommate. At least you’ll have a warm feeling in your heart that will go nicely with any rabies shots you might need. Just remember, as “Bored to Death” illustrates, you don’t need to go it alone, so make sure to find a trusted friend/sidekick to back you up. Your future successes and failures will always go better with company.

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