A talented cast brings the prohibition era to life so well that you can smell the booze and cigarette tainted breath on each of these 4 “Boardwalk Empirequotes to say to raconteurs and prostitutes. The criminals feel like criminals without any freshly scrubbed edges, while the stories tackle history without over the top exaggeration or dumbing down of the time. Find your inner, sleazy schemer and join in the mayhem and corruption that brings the past back to the small screen.

When you come fact to face with destiny, do you want to be the bear? Or do you want to be holding a shotgun?” The Commodore, played by Dabney Coleman, brings his philosophy to the forefront while possibly offending animal rights people and that guy from “Grizzly Man”. As the elder counselor to Enoch, the Commodore needs to divvy out advice that allows the receiver to decide for himself, all while being guided towards the right answer in a subtle fashion. By crafting a situation where you don’t want to be the beast but the tool user, the Commodore illustrates that cunning and smarts will win out over sheer brutality and aggression. A great “Boardwalk Empire” quote that you can say to raconteurs and prostitutes as well as any Starbucks employee who has clearly shorted you on whip cream.

You'll be judged by what you succeed at, boy, not by what you attempt.” The Commodore makes a fact of life clear: your wins dictate public opinion more than your failures. Whether you’re a storyteller or a lady of the night, you need to utilize your skills to forward your ambitions and to ignore the promotion of your weaknesses. This “Boardwalk Empire” quote is succinct and free of accoutrement as it gets to the heart of the matter of any venture, which is to win and win again. This does not apply to the all the times you “succeeded” at wearing a leotard and trying out for the girls’ gymnastic team due to the fact that your parents took up drinking from that day on so it’s more of a failure in the long run.

First rule of politics, kiddo: never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” A raconteur is a skilled storyteller and this “Boardwalk Empire” quote shows that a good story will always triumph over the truth. Embellish, exaggerate, and throw in a busload of clowns if you need to but make sure that you empower the story with what it needs to become great. Enoch sees politics as the ultimate fostering ground for story telling and thus the truth only has limited power in that arena. Saying that your buddy likes to take a few hours each day to go snuggle with ferrets is so much better than saying that he volunteers at the animal shelter; the truth is boring and way less fun.

This is America, kid. Who the f**k is stopping you?” Enoch’s response to Jimmy Darmody voicing that he wants “an opportunity” is pitch perfect Americana. Enoch saw a possibility to gain power and money beyond his dreams and he chased it down like it was his natural prey. So when Jimmy acts the victim, Enoch quickly dispatches his weak question with the answer that only Jimmy is stopping Jimmy from finding his own success. A beautiful “Boardwalk Empire” quote that you can whip this out on any whiny panhandler that’s better dressed than you are and enjoy the havoc you get to create in their entitled brains.