The wage slave genre rips the sleeves off its dress shirt and uses its tie as a garrote to ensure that nothing unfunny is allowed to live in the three funniest “Workaholics” episodes. With three friends that have a strong, believable friendship that doesn’t cover up the times where friends temporarily become enemies, this is a comedy that doesn’t need canned laughter or for you to kill your brain with booze before turning it on. Grab a tissue so that tear you will cry when you realize comedy is still alive and well doesn’t make you look like a pansy in front of your friends.


"Checkpoint Gnarly" - The fifth episode of “Workaholics” draws a line in the sand that sets the standard for itself and other comedies to try and surpass. As the midpoint of the first season, “Checkpoint Gnarly” has the laughs, twists and acting chops to be a finale for a long running show. With a maturity that belies its newborn status, “Workaholics” throws caution to the wind and gives the guest actor, Edward Barbanell, the room to utterly destroy the scenery as well as the lines to do it with. Barbanell as the boss’ brother Brad, takes no prisoners and if you haven’t damaged at least two internal organs from laughing by the end of the episode then it might be time to give up on this whole “laughing” thing and get back to watching reality shows and feeling emotionally connected with their struggles. Make sure to watch the progress of the stripper pants as it goes from goofy to hilarious on its journey. The cast needs to get high fives all around for showcasing Barbanell and not letting egos get in their way. The three main actors are also the writers so if you’re not sold on the show by now, get sold or else!


"To Friend a Predator" - Take a morality question that is answered by almost one hundred percent of a populace and then have the three guys in “Workaholics” choose the opposite answer and you get the episode of “To Friend a Predator." The gang decides to saddle up and play hero by taking out a pedophile, but instead wind up wanting to use him for his assets while trying to keep his criminal side in their blind spot. Morality takes enough hits from comedy to potentially end up crippled during this story. But it’s all done for your funny bone. What could have been a throw away idea gets a great treatment and becomes something you need to see to believe. It’s worth watching just for the philosophy on fedora hats.


Piss & S**t" - A little peer pressure sets up Adam, Anders and Blake for the probability of losing their jobs in “Piss & S**t." Filled with enough pranks that you’ll find yourself taking notes, the boys square off against each other all while fending off the obsessive drug test observer, which leads up to a beautiful couple of “Die Hard” references that should leave you grinning. One hell of a first episode that sets the scene for the rest of the season, “Workaholics” is a show that the gods of comedy have smiled upon.