If love bothered with skin color the entire clown population would disappear ro the face of the earth, but romance stays colorblind with these 3 interracial TV couples that go together like chocolate and vanilla. Light some candles or set some Febreze on fire as you set the mood for smooching. Stick with a viewing companion that's human because no matter how many faces you draw on your pillow, it’s never going to understand you.

Morgan Grimes and Anna Wu, “Chuck


Grimes’s borderline submissive tendencies complement Wu’s mix of semi-aggressive neediness and an interracial couple that goes together like cinnamon and eggnog is born. Wu weathers all ridiculousness from Grimes to not crush his fragile ego. As “Chuck” progresses, Grimes takes baby steps towards becoming a better man for Wu. Watch Wu willingly accept the set of rules entitled Morganuptials in “Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon” that would have left most girlfriends pondering breaking up or maybe murder. A great combination of two people, Grimes was the half that would feel too self-conscious to tell Wu the welder’s mask was choking him while Wu was the half that might just pretend she didn’t hear the safe word the first six times. Although not bound for eternity, this was one fun and funny television couple.

Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato, “Torchwood”

Having pined after Harper from day one, Toshiko manages to secure a first date only to have him shot and killed before that date could take place. Luckily, this is “Torchwood” where reality can be bent and twisted, and Harper gets to live an undeath for a time. Because  Harper realizes that Toshiko is determined to see the kindness and good in him, this interracial couple becomes something special. Harper’s manwhore tendencies get softened while Toshiko learns to become less of a cowardly wallflower as their gentle romance entwines. Sadly, their opportunity for a happy ever after ends within minutes of each other during the episode “Exit Wounds” as they both suffer violent deaths. Their farewell during this episode will play on your heartstrings if not tear them out as you realize that Hallmark doesn’t have a “Sorry I inadvertently helped cause your death” card.

Darnell and Joy Turner, “My Name is Earl”

When one white trash woman with a higher self-esteem than most third world dictators meets an ex-super spy short order cook currently under witness protection, you get one of the most ridiculously awesome interracial couples ever seen. Darnell’s ability to take swift mood changes, insane schemes and the odd thrown appliance makes him the ying to Joy’s (Jamie Pressly) yang. Joy’s contributions cannot be ignored either as she provides the crazy, madcap excitement that fills the void in Darnell where his secret agent escapades once lived. In “Darnell Outed Part 2”, Joy makes a huge sacrifice by curtailing her personality and degrading her looks in order to be the wife that Darnell will need as their family gets placed back into witness protection while Darnell gives her one last shot at being her old self. As individuals In “My Name is Early” they’re your regular touched in the head characters, but together they end up forming a loving couple that you’d never have foreseen by looking at the parts and not the sum.