The 2010 TV shows range between the plethora of popular reality shows that are on major and cable networks and the scripted series, that have fallen off in recent years due to the fact that reality is so much cheaper to produce. However, there are still quality television shows that aired in 2010 who received high ratings from both audiences and critics alike. That said, there are plenty of 2010 TV shows that aren't very good yet are still regularly watched whenever they air. To know what was on last year in 2010 and what will probably still be on in 2011, see the list below.

  1. "Breaking Bad." A scripted series about a chemistry teacher who finds out he has leukemia and decides to start making crystal meth so that he can make money for his wife and children when he dies, is undoubtedly one of the best TV shows of 2010. It is on the network AMC, who is becoming known as one of the few that consistently makes excellent scripted television series. "Breaking Bad" will be on in the Summer of 2011.

  2. "American Idol." One of the biggest shows to ever be on television, the talent show "American Idol" lost it's main host Simon Cowell in 2010, making fans fear that it was the beginning of the end. However, this 2010 TV Show still went along strongly over the entire season, with a number of new judges in 2010 and in the new season of 2011.

  3. "Jersey Shore." The surprise MTV hit became one of the top 2010 TV shows, due to it's ridiculous cast of "guidos" who live by the beach in New Jersey. It is standard MTV reality, but with so much more entertaining humor then ever before, as the cast members take themselves so seriously it is hilarious. It will undoubtedly be on in 2011.

  4. "The Office." Consistently one of the best comedies on TV, "The Office" is a 2010 TV show that announced it would end the following year. It launched the careers of a number of different actors, like Steve Carrell, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson and will be one of the best shows to end next year.

  5. "The Walking Dead." Premiering as a series last year, this series about survivors during a zombie apocalypse got rave reviews and a ton of viewers, making it one of the hit 2010 TV shows. It will undoubtedly be on in the year of 2011.