Listed below are some of the best 2010 Emmy nominations in no particular order. The Emmy Awards are often considered to be the premiere awards show for the television industry, right up there with the Grammy Awards for music and the Academy Awards for film.  The Emmy Awards began in 1949 and have a long history of recognizing the best actors and television programming.  This was no different for the 2010 Emmy Awards.  

  1. "Modern Family" "Modern Family" is a relatively new family sitcom that has garnered rave reviews over its past two seasons on air.  The show takes the traditional family sitcom genre and gives it a renewal, focusing on three dysfunctional family units.  "Modern Family" accrued fourteen Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series.

  2. "Mad Men" This period drama finished its fourth, but certainly not last, season in October of 2010.  "Mad Men" is another show that has had an explosion of praise from critics and viewers alike.  The show received a whopping seventeen Emmy nominations at the 2010 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series.

  3. "the Pacific" This miniseries was produced by HBO in 2010 and details the story of the U.S. Marine Corps during the Pacific War.  The ten-part series garnered the most Emmy nominations of 2010, with a total on 24 nominations. Among the nominations included Outstanding Miniseries.

  4. "Glee" "Glee", a singing and dancing juggernaut of a show, was another Emmy darling in 2010.  The show received nineteen Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series.

  5. "30 Rock" This hilarious comedy series has always been a favorite at the Emmy Awards, and 2010 was no exception.  "30 Rock" and its all-star cast gathered up fifteen Emmy nominations.

  6. "Temple Grandin" This biopic also received fifteen Emmy nominations for the 2010 Emmy Awards.  Claire Danes starred in this tremendous made-for-TV movie.

  7. "Lost" "Lost" was considered to be an enigma for the entire length of the series.  However, the puzzling nature of this show did not prevent it from collecting twelve 2010 Emmy nominations for its last season.

  8. "True Blood" "True Blood", a sexually-charged vampire drama, has had much hype surrounding it since its inception.  Because of this, and its stellar cast and plot, it was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.

  9. "Top Chef" This foodie reality show in which chefs compete for the title of "Top Chef" has become immensely popular over the years.  In addition, it (rarely) sacrifices the contestants' dignity for ratings. This could explain its 2010 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.  

  10. "Saturday Night Live" This enduring sketch comedy show continued its comedy reign with twelve 2010 Emmy nominations.