13 Women Sterling Archer Has Banged (So Far)

Thursday, January 19 by

Katya Kazanova

Unlike most of the women in Archer’s life, Kazanova actually seems to have meant something to him. He goes so far as to quit drinking at her request, profess his love for her, propose to her with his grandmother’s ring, and nearly marries her. Then she dies.

Lana Kane

To hell with Kazanova, though. Any “Archer” fan knows that Kane, Archer’s ex, is the only girl for our intrepid spy. It helps that he makes his intentions abundantly clear, openly flirting with her throughout the course of the show in an attempt to win her back.

Pirate King Groupies

When Archer sets himself up as king of an island pirate fortress, he reaps all the benefits of the position, including sampling the local wildlife. His two pirate groupies are never far from his side throughout the episode.

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