13 Women Sterling Archer Has Banged (So Far)

Thursday, January 19 by
There's a "boner" joke in there somewhere. 

Sterling Archer gets around. That’s just part of being a suave, globe trotting man of mystery. For anyone watching the show, however, Archer’s frequent lady-getting can be difficult to keep track of. Here’s a quick guide to his more notable romantic excursions (a.k.a. a list of girls he’s banged). We expect this list to grow exponentially during season three, which begins tonight at 10 EST/PST on FX.

The Flight Attendant

The first Archer conquest we see is an unnamed flight attendant who appears in the show’s pilot episode. She wakes up in Archer’s apartment with a bruise on her ass shaped like a ping-pong paddle. Because that’s the kind of thing Archer is into.

Cheryl Tunt

The gossipy office secretary at ISIS, Tunt is the frequent (and willing) target of Archer’s romantic advances. She possesses a strong affinity for bizarre sexual fetishes, as well as a complete lack of intelligence.

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