11 Twitter Users Who Are A Little Too Into Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Tuesday, March 6 by
Unless he's committing t-shirt perjury, he's bringing it, all right.  

Some people lean on family. Some lean on friends. Some lean on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to get them through this crazy ride we call life.

Fans of wrestling needn’t just wax nostalgic when it comes to The Rock. Though he’s largely retired from WWE activity, that hasn’t stopped them from subscribing to his “Team Bring It” philosophy. People still love The Rock, and it would appear that they admire him in a way that Ashton Kutcher or Phillip Seymour Hoffman could only dream of. He inspires many people, and while they might not be shouting it from the rooftops, they are certainly bandying about some hashtags to let the Twitterverse know what’s up.

Apparently, if you like WWE star John Cena, then you don’t like The Rock. And if you like The Rock, it’s still ok to like the #justsayin hashtag.

I don’t know if The Rock intended his minions to shirk their academic duties, but that’s something that is happening.

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