Trey Parker and Matt Stone's new Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, is being called a surprise hit. But anyone who is surprised by its success must not have been paying attention. It has been lauded by critics for dealing with dark topics such as AIDS and third-world genocide, while at the same time maintaining the irreverent yet surprisingly sweet tone of a classic Broadway show. But these are the hallmarks of Parker and Stone, who have been hard at work crafting their unique style for well over a decade. With songs such as "Everyone Has AIDS," and "Hang the Bastard" under their belt, the transition to Broadway almost seems like an afterthought. But in honor of their success, I've compiled my 11 favorite Parker/Stone songs. If you don't like my list, go fuck your uncle.

"Hang the Bastard" - Cannibal the Musical

It's certainly not the best song they've ever written, but "Hang the Bastard" set the stage for their latter success. And despite the subject matter, it's pretty catchy.

"Warts On Your Dick" - Baseketballs

Who else besides Parker and Stone could make a song about genital warts so damn catchy? OK, maybe Eazy-E, but he's dead.

"Salty Chocolate Balls" -"South Park"

While Isaac Hayes ended up leaving "South Park" on bad terms, his run with the show was hilarious. And while he'll be better remembered for singing the theme from Shaft, I'll always remember him for his "Salty Chocolate Balls."

"Circle of Poo" - "South Park"

Not only is this Lion King spoof about talking shit hilarious, but it somehow manages to be genuinely heartfelt.

"Uncle Fucker" - South Park - Bigger, Longer, Uncut

This song from the South Park movie sets the stage for an epic battle between not only parents and television, but also the U.S. and Canada.

"Now You're a Man" - Orgasmo

What makes a man? It's probably the titties.

"Blame Canada" - South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

As mentioned above, when the children of South Park begin using foul language, it isn't long before their parents "Blame Canada." This song was actually nominated for an Oscar, but lost out to Phil Collins.

"I'm So Ronrey" - Team America: World Police

In this song from Team America, Stone and Parker mock Kim Jong-il with a mix of puppets and Asian stereotypes. Offensive? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.

"Everyone Has AIDS" - Team America: World Police

Not many people can get away with mocking the AIDS epidemic. But as always, Parker and Stone manage to pull it off.

"America, Fuck Yeah" - Team America: World Police

This list probably could have been comprised of only Team America songs, but I wanted to have some variety. That being said, the jingoistic anthem that is "America, Fuck Yeah" is certainly some of their best work, bar none.

"Gay Fish" - "South Park"

In my book, any song that paints Kanye West as a dirty fish fucker should win a god damn Grammy.