Love science, technology, video games and comic books? Have a strong aversion to social interaction (the opposite sex in particular), new experiences and jocks? Well if you said yes, you my friend are a nerd. Well don’t worry about it and definitely don’t try to suppress it! Feed your inner or outer nerd with these ten nerdy and sci-fi TV shows we love to curl up in front of.

1. "The Big Bang Theory"


“The Big Bang Theory” is a hilarious comedy about nerds for nerds. It follows the lives of four friends who work in a Southern California university as engineers and professors. Their lives change when a cute blonde moves in next to their apartment and exposes them to new things. Their quirkiness, hilarious jokes and unique personalities will leave you laughing and wanting more.

2. "Fringe"

Fringe is less of a comedy, but more of a serious sci-fi drama, and it is one of the best out there. Taking its inspiration from “The X Files”, Fringe revolves around strange mysteries about aliens, alternate universes, monsters and many more paranormal enigmas. Beautiful and blonde FBI agent Olivia Dunham teams up with scientist Walter Bishop to investigate, leaving you biting your nails on the edge of your chair every week.

3. "v"

Based on the 1983 miniseries “V” is a sci-fi thriller showing how the world would be if evil aliens invaded. At first they pretend they have come in peace. But when they’re more integrated in society their real bodies; lizard-like enclosed in human skin capsules and their intentions of taking over planet Earth completely become clear.

4. "Doctor Who"

Originally on the air since 1963 both sets of the “Doctor Who” series are loved by every nerd we know—even the nerds in “The Big Bang Theory!" The Doctor travels through time via a police box trying to do the right thing and help people in different eras.

5. "Lost"

“Lost” is one TV show that will always keep your inner nerd guessing. It starts when a plane crashes on a mysterious island. Most of the passengers survive but they all know something is different. Slowly they find out they are not the only ones on the island, and they have to fight for their survival.

6. "Freaks and Geeks"


Even though it only had one season “Freaks and Geeks” had a huge cult following in the 80’s. These aren’t your average nerds. They strive to be cool and survive in high school. As a nerd yourself, you may just grow to love “Freaks and Geeks” because of the depiction of how high school is for a nerd. We sure did.

7. "Doogie Howser"


“Doogie Howser” was one of the most beloved TV shows in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It follows a young child, Doogie Howser who graduates from Princeton when he is only ten; a super nerd if you will. Despite his mental capability, it is still difficult for him to adjust with his peers and coworkers—a problem many nerds have.

8. "The Office"


Anybody with a boring desk job would love to watch “The Office." Set in a normal office with Steve Carell as the boss, “The Office” is sort of a pretend reality show. Our favorite nerd is definitely Dwight. He strives to be the best at everything and to put delicately, lacks social graces and friends.

9. "Misfits"


Another sci-fi show we adore is “Misfits”. Set in Bristol, “Misfits” starts when a freak storm hits and gives super powers to five teenage delinquents doing community service work. They have to learn to live with their powers, be responsible and even fight for their lives against evil.

10. "How It's Made"


“How It’s Made” isn’t a sci-fi TV show or the usual sitcom with a few nerds. It’s a beyond interestingTV show on the Discovery Channel showing you how all different types of things are made. Have you ever wondered how crayons are made? Well watch “How It’s Made." The simplest things in the world are made in factories with such precision and detail it will amaze you.