10 Classic MTV Shows That Didn’t Suck

Thursday, November 3 by

Liquid Television

Liquid Television is actually where Beavis and Butthead got their start. Not to mention Æon Flux, Cartoon Sushi, and The Head. A showcase for bizarre animated shorts, the show presented the best of the world of underground animation. This is a show that MTV should definitely bring back, and it looks like steps are being taken in that direction. They recently made the entire archive available here. After watching, and it’s no wonder I turned out the way I did.

The State

This sketch show from the NYU comedy troupe was well ahead of its time. Starring Tom Lennon, Michael Ian Black, Ken Marino, Kerri Kenney, Michael Showalter, and other comedy heroes, the proto-hipster series ushered in a hip new era of comedy and remains one of the all-time great sketch shows.

Remote Control

MTV’s first game show took place in host Ken Ober’s fictional living room, where he quizzed them about music, movies and television. Basically, it was a cool slant on Jeopardy where contestants would be physically dragged off camera when eliminated. It was also the show that launched the careers of Colin Quinn and Adam Sandler. Ten years ago, you’d be grateful for that.

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