10 Classic MTV Shows That Didn’t Suck

Thursday, November 3 by

The Tom Green Show

Tom Green took MTV by storm with his mix of bizarre stunts and the extreme pranks he pulled on his parents. Though he’s not as ubiquitous as he once was, these were the glory days. These were the days wehn dry-humping a dead moose was considered comedy gold. Nowadays, just about everyone is doing it.

Dead At 21

MTV’s first drama series was abruptly canceled, but addictive to watch. The story centered around a young man trying to find the person who altered his DNA. If he fails, a defect in his coding will cause him to die on his 21st birthday, which sucks because that’s when all the good stuff starts.

The Head

Born from segments on Liquid Television and MTV Oddities, The Head told the story of a guy with an alien living in his gigantic cranium. They band together with a team of other freaks to take down a government conspiracy involving a parasitic alien race. Not only should they bring it back, but they should consider a live-action version. Ron Perlman would be awesome.


Every once in awhile, “Weird” Al Yankovic would commandeer the MTV airwaves to show the skits and videos that HE wanted to show. Something like this would never work on MTV nowadays. Kids today just don’t have any nerdy, asexual heroes to look up to.

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