Recap: Season 1, episode 1. If you're really into third party embarrassment, then Worst Week might be the best thing to happen to TV for you since The Office came stateside.

Sam knocked up his girlfriend and now he has to go with her to her parents house to break the news. Unfortunately, her parents are uptight conservatives who think that children born out of wedlock make the baby Jesus cry. Before he can make it to the big dinner, he gets puked on by a drunk co-worker, goes to her house for a shower and ends up getting kicked out of her place totally naked. He shows up at the parents' house late and nude except for a makeshift diaper. Then he accidentally pees all over the special goose the mother was preparing.

The rest of the show is an almost unbearably embarrassing string of events, which includes him making the rest of the family think that their father is dead. It's the kind of thing that makes you never want to have a daughter because you know she'll bring a guy like this home some day and you'll have to strangle him to death with some piano wire and bury his corpse under the dog house in the back yard.

I like shows where the characters make me feel a little better about my own pathetic existence. No matter how much I accidentally piss people off, I've still never urinated on something an entire family was going to eat for dinner. I still think Kyle Bornheimer (the main character) needs to find his groove a little and embrace the awkwardness a little more. But, with a little work and decent ratings for the first season, he might get to compete with Michael Scott from The Office as the king of uncomfortable situations.

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