Sarah's obsession with the three dots leads her to a company that she believes may have Andy Goode's Turk. Meanwhile, Jesse's plans complicate things even further, and Weaver introduces Ellison to someone very important.

Episode 10: Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point

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Ellison is woken from a dream in which he is back in Mexico digging out Cromartie from his grave. He peers out his bedroom window to find Cameron roaming his lawn driving a six foot steel stick through it repeatedly in an effort to find Cromartie's body.

That same night on the other side of town Sarah and Dere break into Dakara Systems,the logo has the three dots, the image that Sarah has been plagued with for the past couple of days. They ransack the computers taking their hard drives. John inspects them but concludes that the information on the drives is AI but not the Turk. He does tell Sarah that Dakara systems is a start up company just like Cyberdine, it will need an investor. He stayed up all night making Sarah a cover as a rich divorcee and set her up with a meeting at Dakara in order to check it out thoroughly.

Derek uncovers Jessie's real mission. He confronts her in her hotel room after finding a stash of pictures that consists of the Connors, Cameron and him. She confesses that she was sent back to protect John from Cameron. She believes that John is making questionable decisions and getting people killed because of the robot.

Ellison is called in by Catherine Weaver and finds out that Dr.Sherman was killed over the weekend. Weaver tells him about project Babylon, the project Dr. Sherman was working on. The blackout that occurred caused the AI machine to shut down the power in the building because it needed its resources to continue operating.

At the meeting with Dakara, Sarah and Cameron find out that the AI software was made by the CEO's son. Also that they would need a substantial amount of money in order to get the software they need to complete the AI by the air forces deadline.

John goes to visit Riley at her foster home. He attempts to tell her about the circumstances of Mexico but he only tells her that he can't explain it or give her any truth. She tells him its OK. to just stay with her but he just gets up and leaves.

After the meeting Cameron tells Sarah that the AI Dakara has is definitely not the Turk. She knows this because the creator does not play Chess.

In the most startling twist of all we find out that Riley is working for Jesse. They meet in a dressing room at a department store where Riley tells Jesse that she thought John was going to tell her the truth. Riley doesn't think she can put on this charade anymore and wants out. Jesse asks her where will she go and persuades her to continue with John. Riley returns back to her foster home where she lashes out at her foster family over how trivial everything is and how in the future they will all be dead.

Sarah finds out from Dakara that they can get their hands on a chip that is a super computer, if they can get a deposit of a half a million.She agrees to give it to him. Sarah and Cameron meet Dakara and their Japanese associate at a restaurant to d the switch of money for the chip. They take the chip back to the office where they find out that it doesn't work. Cameron inspects the chip and discovers that its actually an older model. The CEO promises to pay her back but Sarah says she will talk to the person they bought it from.

Weaver introduces Ellison to John Henry, the machine now has a name which was given to it by Dr. Sherman. He tries to find out if the machine knows that it killed Dr. Sherman. After a series of questions he comes to the conclusion that the machine can follow procedure and rules but it has no ethics or morals.

Cameron, Derek and Sarah track down the Japanese associate that sold them the chip only to find out that he's an actor that was paid by Dakara's CEO to fool Sarah out of her money. They head back to Dakara systems where Sarah beats the truth out of the CEO. There was no chip, he made it up to get the money so that his son was taken care of. Sarah and Cameron walk back out with money in hand.

Derek goes to Jesse's hotel room and entrusts her with the secret that John Connor is his nephew. He tells her his mission is stop Skynet before it happens. He then tells her that if there is anything she hasn't told him he needs to know it now. She doesn't tell him about Riley.

John greets Sarah with a hug when she gets home. They are interrupted by Riley knocking at the front door. She asks him if he wants to go for a walk and John agrees. Sarah heads to the bathroom where she stares at her reflection and breaks the mirror after seeing three red splatter dots on her face.

Weaver asks Ellison to follow her to the basement so she can show him something. He walks in to find Cromartie hooked up to the machine. He turns to Ellison and introduces himself as John Henry.

Not one but two earth shattering revelations. Riley is from the future, OK now this is getting interesting.She is supposed to seduce John away from a robot. At this point I think the robot is winning but I think Riley may just have a little bit of a fight in her. So everyone is jumping through some sort of portal in the future right? Geese its becoming a free for all. Well at least we know that John didn't send Jesse or Riley back, so who did send them?  That twist was quite surprising but nothing prepared me for John Henry in the robotic flesh. This is genius but I feel kind of bad for the actor who is now nothing more than a glorified puppet. All in all this episode was just about everyone getting played. John is being fooled by Riley, Derek by Jesse, Ellison by Weaver and Sarah by those three dots. Its all going to hit the fan and I am hoping sooner rather than later.