It’s Louisiana, so everybody has to have a problem. If you’re black you’re also gay. If you work in a Walmart you have a rapier wit and are too smart for your surroundings. If you’re captain of the football team, you’re also a sex addict with a penchant for rough rolls in the swamp. If you’re a trailer park blonde, you’re also telepathic.

Episode 2, “The First Taste “ starts out where we left off:  with Anna Paquin (Sookie) getting the ever-loving Bejesus beaten out of her by the local vampire blood stealing, drug dealing couple (every town has one). Mr. Vampire guy (Bill Compton (looks like evi Paul Rudd)) from the previous episode comes out of the shadows and saves Sookie from the chuckle-fuck twins, later disguising their deaths as a trailer park tornado accident. Sookie is pretty roughed up so he feeds her healing blood from his wrist. Then he licks the blood off her face (its only fair). They do some Vampire/Telepathic Human bonding under a giant moss covered Bayou tree, another conversation meant to educate us all about the intricate rules of the blood drinkers. We also learn that Sookie can’t go on dates because she is either 1) disgusted that guys want to fuck her or 2) that guys are gay. She can not, however, hear Bill the Vampire’s thoughts, and finds this calming.

In the last episode, we were led to believe that Sookie’s brother Jason kille the town slut. But at the police station, we go to the video replay, and it turns out he did not in fact choke-fuck her to death. Everyone is relieved, but a killer is still at large.

Sookie has some sort of new super olfactory abilities which she seems to have gained from eating Bill the vampire’s blood. Bill the Vampire comes over to Sookie’s house for a Q&A about history, the grandmother hoping she can have Bill address her local civil war remembrance club (remember, Vampires are like 200 years old). Sookie and Bill the Vampire go on a stroll beneath the magnolia trees, and he tells her that her libido will be in overdrive from slurping his vein juice. They end up in a cemetery so that the world can continue to hear things that they already knew about vampires. Bill The Vampire tries to hypnotizes Sookie, but he can’t.  We find our that she lost her parents to a flash flood when she was 8.  They do a little making out, like in a Blue Velvet kind of way. At first her really just smells her hair and looks at her neck like I look at albacore tuna. Then after a little face sucking, he goes into vampire mode, manages to control himself. and says he needs to walk her home.

At the end of the episode we see a newscast abut how a evangelical leader who was adamantly anti-vampire was killed in a freak car accident. Then we’re made to believe that Sookie is about to be drank by three raver appareled vampires when she comes calling at Bill The Vampire's house.

There’s a sinister undertone to the goings on in the small town, and the country at large. We get little hints that although the Vampires we’ve been introduced to so far seem nice, maybe they are terrible monsters, not to be accepted into society. Behind all the sex and blood, the real story is about civil rights. There is a direct parallel between Vampires and minority communities in the US (particularly gays). So the show has to be sort of careful with the comparison they've drawn. If Vapires turn out to be evil, then so are gays, right?  And what better place to draw this delicate comparison that the South-- a land historically steeped in blood, sex, and struggle. The Southern Gothic undertones are the best part of the show, because anyone who’s spent any time near a bayou knows it can be equally as creepy as a Transylvania castle.

The Bloody Truth?

Im Still O-Positive about the show. It's good if you want to watch something that's just edgy and fucked up. I didn't slurp it up like the first episode, but sometimes it takes a while to find a vein.  Ha. Get it? Vein?