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With only two episodes left, things just seem to get more complicated for Sookie and the people in her life.  I honestly can’t figure out how they are going to end this first season…probably with some lame cliffhanger that will piss everyone off. 

Exorcisms, Shape-Shifters and Vampires, Oh My!
At the end of episode nine we were left with Bill being forced to go to trial for killing a vampire that tried to attack Sookie; Tara got financing from her hookup buddy for an exorcism and alas Sookie waking up to find Sam Merlotte butt naked and curled up on the edge of her bed. 

In the beginning of the episode we see Sookie shoot out of bed and start freaking out and accusing Sam of being the murderer of her “Gran”, all while Sam is still naked.  All is cleared up once Sam gets the opportunity to let Sookie know that he is not a murderer, but a shape-shifter.  Ah, okay.  Turns out that Sam used the dog that hangs out at Merlotte’s as a figure to shift into so he could protect Sookie.  If you watched episode nine, you know that Sookie brought that dog home and had it sleep in her bed.  This opening scene ends with Sookie saying, “Shut the fuck up.”

In the last episode we were left with Tara debating whether or not she should get an exorcism.  After seeing how it helped her mom and the fact that the voodoo hoodoo lady told her she needed one, the only real thing standing in her way was pride and $800.  Lucky for her, boy-toy Sam Merlotte gave her the funds so she could be rid of the demon inside her.  Now we see Tara at Ms. Janette’s (voodoo hoodoo lady) house around some fire pit about to get her demon cast out of her.  This involves fire roasted spit from Ms. Janette’s mouth around Tara’s eyes (that’s the place demons enter) and a bottle of snake juice that will remove the snake from her belly.  Seems like a no-brainer.

We’re then lead into the basement of Jason’s house where him and his girlfriend, Amy, have a vampire tied up that they kidnapped so they can have copious about of V at any given time.  As Amy proceeds to drain the vampire she stumbles upon a bottle on True Blood that Jason had given to the vampire when he was weak.  The vampire tries to explain this to her, but she gets angry and goes off on a tangent about trust.  Need to mention that the vampire is a middle-aged gay man whose name is Eddie; seems like a nice guy.

Later Sookie and Sam meet up on the porch of Bill Compton’s estate to discuss Sam’s shape-shifting capabilities.  Sookie is annoyed that Sam didn’t confide in her and then she proceeds to call Sam a werewolf and Sam gets angry.  Turns out that there really are werewolves and lots of other scary things out there and Sam doesn’t want to be categorized with them.

Meanwhile, Tara’s exorcism is still going on and she soon gets sick and throws up her demon, according to voodoo hoodoo lady.  She then looks over and sees an image of herself as a child and Ms. Janette exclaims that it’s her demon and she has to kill it.  Tara walks over and stabs the image of her childhood self and then all we are left with is Tara and a bloody knife.

The very next morning Tara is all smiles when she heads over to her post-alcoholic mother’s house to tell her about her demon being released from her body.  They decide to go celebrate by going to the town over to buy a bucket of crawfish, which leads to Tara’s mom getting an upset stomach.  Tara pulls over to a drugstore to pick up some “Pepto” and once in she asks a sales lady who is stalking shelves where she can find it.  Tara instantly recognizes the lady as Ms. Janette and calls her a thief and a liar (after she rips off her wig and finds out the snake juice wash cough syrup and peyote) to which Ms. Janette responds that she has children to feed and look after.  Tara’s upset to learn that she was suckered and was not healed and she now fears that her mom will return to drinking.  Ms. Janette’s tells her not to let on to her mom if she believes that she is healed because sometimes faith is the best medicine…sounds like a lot of voodoo hoodoo to me.

Finally we get a taste of what’s in store for Bill as he waits to be tried for killing another vampire.  As he’s waiting his trial he has to watch a fellow vampire get his fangs ripped out with pliers for feeding on another vampire’s ‘pet’ human.  He’s worried.  Turns out the usual sentencing for Bill’s crime is five years chained in silver, inside a coffin.  This results to a vampire turning into leather and sticks and more than likely going insane.  But, the judge decides to get creative and form a new sentencing for Bill.

Jason and Amy are about to leave for Arlene and Rene’s wedding reception at Sam Merlotte’s bar, but before they do Eddie (the gay vampire in captive) informs Jason, again, that Amy is a psychopath and he should not trust her.  At this point Amy has convinced Jason that they will keep Eddie alive and turn him into their pet.  Being that Jason is not the brightest person, he believes her and doesn’t think that maybe she is scheming on him. 

Once at the party everything starts to breakdown.  Jason asks advice on how to get the upper-hand back with Amy.  Sookie and Sam are still arguing.  Lafayette shows up at the exact moment as Jason is peeing in the woods to let him know that he’s heading down the wrong path and that he better not drag him along.  Sookie is attacked while going inside for ice after the lights mysteriously shut off and she just happens to be the only one inside.  Of course she gets free and starts to run out the front door but finds herself in the arms of Sam.  Then, Tara shows up drunk in her prom dress trying to get action from Sam, but he refuses her due to the lack of respect (can we say role reversal here?).  She leaves, drunk, drinking from a bottle and driving and almost hits a naked lady and a pig…can’t make this stuff up.

After the party Jason and Amy return home to their locked up vampire, arguing because Jason wants to release him.  Jason has to push Amy aside to get the job done, but as he tries to untie the ropes Amy jumps in with a wooden stake (how convenient) and stabs poor Eddie in the heart.  He then explodes and blood is everywhere.  Wonder where that relationship will go?

The end of this drama-filled episode leaves us with Bill waiting for his creative sentence, which turns out to be an eye for an eye sort of sentencing.  Since Bill killed a vampire he is then forced to turn an innocent girl into one of them, something that he has never done.  This girl just happens to be a youth-group, church-going type of girl who happened to be out that night for her first party…hmmmmm.  Even though Bill does not want to “turn” the girl he knows he has to otherwise they will kill him.  The episode ends with Bill sucking the blood from her neck and only stopping to scream and grunt to the sky before going back for more.

As you can see there are a ton of story lines going on here and it’s hard to believe there are only two more episodes left in the season.  Personally, I was surprised at the lack of sex in this episode…Tara even got shut down from Sam with her red dress on and everything.  I think this is the first sex-less episode of the season, but I’m sure they will make up for it next week.
Recap By Sarah Mickelson

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