Recap: Season 1, episode 4. Last week's episode was all that eventful, but this week's piece of the story is a little more exciting. We get to see our first vampire bar and Jason gets a boner that he can't get rid of. We've all been there, brother.

Recap: Season 1, episode 4. Yet another girl that Jason banged is dead and now the scuzzy neighbor is pointing the finger at him. I like to think he didn't do it, but how the hell should I know what kind of guy he is. After he's arrested, he downs the whole bottle V-juice he bought to keep the fuzz from finding it. As they're questioning him, it kicks in and gives him the boner to end all boners. He goes into the bathroom and rubs one out, but it's a lot different than a normal wank session. Tara comes to vouch for him and gets him out of trouble.

Once he's out of jail, he can't get his boner to go down no matter how many times he gets off, so he goes to see Lafayette about it, but he isn't much help. He goes to the doctor, and they have to drain the blood from his dick. The whole plot line is extremely uncomfortable and I could certainly have done without it.

Sookie's grandma asks her to use her power to help out her brother and she reluctantly agrees. She finds out that the murdered waitresse hung out at a vampire bar. Bill coms into the human bar and gets the cold shoulder from everyone. He agrees to take her to the vampire bar to snoop around. We're introduced to a character named Eric, who is the oldest vampire around. He summons Bill and Sookie and the place is almost immediately raided by the cops. During their get away, they almost make out, but the cops prevent it, as they do with just about everything that's fun. Bill glamours the cop into giving up his gun and they get away clean.

Sam sneaks into the dead waitress's house and starts sniffing the sheets like some kind of creepy Motel 8 employee and the show ends with yet another WTF?

This episode was a lot better than the previous two, even though we don't get a ton of story. We learn that something is definitely up with Sam, although I'm not quite sure what it is yet. They also hint that Sookie is just about ready to get it on with Bill. Jason is still kind of mystery to me. It doesn't seem like they would just let him be the dumb-ass patsy, but maybe that's the point. Ultimately, I'm actually looking forward to next week's episode so I can find out what the hell is going on. Although, if anyone genitals need to be drained next week, I'm giving up on this show forever.