Quickie Synopsis: Episode 5, in which our survivors deal with the aftermath of the zombie attack on the camp and eventually hit the road. Oh, and readers might be a little thrown off by a new twist...

Best bits:
Rick Radios Morgan.

Nice little monologue from Rick to Morgan summarizes what came before and gives us hope that Morgan will show up again.

Daryl Does This:

I might have yelled when his pickaxe went into the zombie head. The sound effect made it that much better/worse.

Andrea Won't Let Go.

Well, we knew this was coming. Makes me like Andrea more though. She isn't hysterical about it. Just cold and honest. I also like the moment that Dale shares with her a little later about his wife and her passing from cancer.

New Rule.

We don't kill the living.

Carol Shares a Tender Moment with Ed's Body.

And by that I mean, oh my God. Horrible nastiness with the pickaxe again! Over and over. In close-up this time. I can't believe this show is on national television at like 7 pm.

Dale Catches Shane With a Bad Thought.

Shane's got a pretty bad idea and Dale definitely caught it. Check out that look on Dale's face. He's like, "reflective vests, my ass."

Jim's Bite.

Man, the wound mixed with Jim's poor, sad reaction ("I'm ok. I'm ok. I'm ok.") and how they eventually leave Jim to be a free-range zombie?  I love this show.


WTF? Do we have our first major deviation from the comic? Funny how we spend like 2 minutes with the new development before it's totally wiped out.

The CDC.

Damn, outside the CDC is A LOT of bodies and A LOT of head shots. The door opening at the end is a good cliffhanger.


Kind of slim pickings here. I really wish they'd held off on a moment like this so the zombie of a loved one was a character that we knew better and cared more about. This scene would have been heartbreaking if Amy had been on screen for more than 3 minutes before this happened.


Zombie of the Week has to also go to Amy. We only had two zombies in the episode and the other one was a really snoozer with a real easy kill. Amy takes it for at least being a little sad.

Week 5 Zombie Kills: 2

Series Total: 62