Quickie Synopsis: Episode 4, in which Rick and Co. search Atlanta for "Stumpy" Merle, get their guns, lose Glenn, make new friends, get Glenn back, and then return to a zombie swarm eating its way through the camp.

Best bits:

Jim Loses His Shit.

Poor Jim, just digging away up there on that hill. It's weird that no one really points out that he's digging graves.

Glenn Plans (Again).

Glenn proves (again) that he's pretty awesome and zombie survival strategies. "Hey kid, what'd you do before all this?" "Delivered pizzas. Why?" Awesome.

Glenn Grabs Rick's Hat.

Rick Grime's power comes from his hat, lik Thor and his hammer. I love that Glenn doesn't grab it, starts to leave, then turns around and gets it after all. Atta boy, Glenn!

Vatos Attack.

Oh no. East LA gangbangers in Atlanta?! They give a pretty good aluminum bat beat down to poor Glenn before kidnapping him. Pretty good twist with the old folks' home though, right? Wasn't expecting that (wasn't in the comic).

Ed Gets a Visitor.

Raise your hand if you thought that was Merle creeping outside Ed's tent? Great bait-and-switch leading to...


Wow. WOW. What an awesome scene. I was just thinking that we were going to have a 1-zombie kill week and then the camp gets deluged with the undead. Poor Amy. It's pretty sad when Andrea has to look at her and tell her that she doesn't know what to do. I love when the cavalry arrives and starts cleaning shop though. The shotguns sound especially awesome. And that zed-head Rick blows away with his shotgun at point-blank range? GOOD STUFF.


Ok, technically, this zombie probably didn't die after this, but it looked awesome. Nice shootin' Shane!


Zombie of the Week goes the zombie that started the zombie attack on the camp and also helped rid the world of a wife and child beater (and possibly worse). Zombies, while slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.

Week 4 Zombie Kills: 31 (We can assume that all the zombies that attacked the camp were eventually killed, so I'm calling that an even 30 zombies, though it's hard to tell. I counted at least 10 killed on-screen.)

Series Zombie Kills: 60 (after a meager 2 last week)