‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: TS-19 S1E6

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Quickie Synopsis: Episode 6 (the series finale), in which our stinky crew raids the CDC liquor cabinet like it’s the last day on Earth, wastes hot water despite orders to the contrary, pukes, cries, deals with attempted rape, cries more, and then bounces, leaving a smoldering pit in their wake.

Best bits:
Shane Leaves Rick Backstory.

You know what? I watched this scene a couple time and still couldn’t tell if Shane thought Rick was dead or not. It looks like he puts his ear to his chest to listen for a heartbeat before sighing and putting his hand over Rick’s eyes like he’s dead. But then he looks again like he has doubts before he puts a bed in front of Rick’s room. How crazy was the military guys opening fire on the doctors though? [Edit: Later on Shane admits that maybe he actually couldn’t hear Rick’s heartbeat.]

Shower Scene

The second time in just 6 episodes that people are overjoyed at taking a shower. Darabont just loves shower scenes. Also, Dr. Jenner is like, “don’t waste hot water” and then everyone proceeds to take their sweet time. Lori and Rick hump, Shane drinks and mopes, Andrea just sits there having a mental breakdown… Guys, uncool. Hump, mope, and breakdown OUTSIDE the shower.

Shane Tries to Rape Lori:

It’s weird saying this is a “best bit” but it’s definitely an important moment in the series. I’ll be interested to see Shane continually lose his shit over Lori.

Test Subject 19.

With some really advanced medical imaging we get a neat visual of how the virus invades the brain, shuts it down, and then re-activates it. We also get to see him shoot the zombie in the head (neat!). Aside from that though, the CDC is completely worthless when it comes to knowledge of the virus. Or microbe. Or wrath of God. Shouldn’t they know this?

The Clock.

Haha, what? Frank goes, “That clock: it’s been counting down. What happens when it reaches 0?” And the doc is like, “Generator shut down.” Uh, dude, pertinent info. There’s an hour left on it when he tells them. Good thing Frank asked. When time’s up? Lab-wide decontamination. Uh-oh.


The crew learns exactly what “decontamination” means. They aren’t terribly pleased, understandably. Anybody not wearing 2 million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day.

Jenner Whispers to Rick.

What does he say?! WHAT DOES HE SAY?!


Hey, Rick’s grenade! Finally gets some action.

Dale Sticks Around for Andrea.

Aw. That’s sweet. Dale refuses to leave Andrea during the longest 4 minutes in TV history before the CDC blows up (seriously, the lab was WAY underground and these people are able to get out in like, 5 seconds).

The Last Shot of Season 1.

Damn, that’s how the first season ends? Darabont (at the time) thought the show might not get picked up. Imagine if that was how the show ended. Thank God it doesn’t. Too bad we have to wait almost a year to find out where our crew goes next. And whatever happened to Merle…


Daryl lops off a zombie’s head on the way to the Winnie. Thank you, Daryl, for making Kill of the Week actually mean something.


Zombie of the Week is Jenner’s selfless, genius wife who let the virus run through her body so her husband could study it and possibly find a cure. I didn’t think the zombie of the week would be so heavy all the time when I started this column. Damn.

Week 6 Zombie Kills: 4 (I need to point out that the survivors shoot 5 times and score 3 headshots (we don’t see where the other 2 bullets go or what they’re even shot at. These guys should be military snipers or something.)

Season 1 Total On-screen Zombie Kills: 66. For only 6 episodes, that’s pretty damn good.

Alright, well that’s it for now. If you want to K.I.T. (I’m such a tweenager) feel free to follow me on Twitter or visit my site. And if you want me to recap an upcoming show for SJ, be sure to request it in the comments section below. I LOVE spending 3 hours watching a 1 hour show!

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  1. December 6, 2010 9:02 am


    I never read the comic, but from my understanding the CDC never happens. Makes sense that they are unable to get any supplies from there, although I had hopes…. where to now? I gues we will find out NEXT FUCKING HALLOWEEN!

  2. December 6, 2010 9:02 am



    Sarah Connor= YES!

    Grenade= Oh yeah, forgots about that

  3. December 6, 2010 9:02 am

    Brian Huntington

    Hey at least we get more episodes.

  4. December 6, 2010 9:02 am

    Brian Huntington

    I can never go wrong with a little Terminator 2 quotage.

  5. December 6, 2010 9:02 am


    I know this is annoying but being a medical nerd I thought I’d point out that:

    1) When Shane parks the gurney in front of Rick’s hospital door instead of applying the brake, he puts it in ‘steering’ mode so really, all a zombie has to do is bump into it and it would roll down the hall.

    2) The rails in hospital beds are NEVER up on pretty much any TV show or movie.

    3) TS-19 gets shot in the head in an MRI. Since an MRI is a giant magnet metal guns would be contraindicated.


  6. December 6, 2010 9:02 am

    Robby Robinson

    When I heard this was coming on AMC, I must say that I was more psyched than my son (I am 41 he is 14) ( We constantly argue because his fave all time z flick is mine Dawn of the Dead however he loves the 2004 version whilst I love the 1978 version) He said 2004 is more realistic because the Z’s were fast and that there was no way that we could get overrun by a 1978 Romero shambling zombie) He is obviously too young to understand the point of the first Dawn was to show what happens when society ignores a problem and that problem easily solved becomes overwhelming sooner than most think. Also he calls the Rage victims in (28 Das/Weeks later) zombies, I am sorry but no they are not, terrifying yes, but Z’s no!

    Anyway I loved the Walking Dead, awesome. They showed 2 things better than any other Z movie

    1) The saddest, most loving way to destroy an infected family member after they reanimate(when the chick held her sister’s head and shot her while looking her in the eys, that was the best
    2) Also the coolest almost uplifting best suicide when they finally give up, when Doc and the lady held hands till the ) of the countdown.

    Having seen the way this season was handled, I am actually disappointed, why?

    Because there was way to much of a story ( a fantastic look into all the characters and there stories) to have been only a two hour movie, it is perfect as a series.

    My point is this , I loved the WWZ book, I cannot wait till the movie comes into theaters. The fact it’s going to be a movie means so much of why I loved WWZ must be cut out of the movie to keep the movie under 2 1/2 hours( the max a general release movie can be to get the crucial to success PG-13 rating ) that will allow 12 to 17 year olds to get to see the movie) If it’s R rated , the demographic is not served.
    Anyway, I know I am going to be deeply disgusted with any version in the theater because I cannot fathom how they can stay true to all the characters in WWZ and theme and storylines within 2 1/2 hours.
    WWZ should ONLY be done as a mini series or a recurring series a`la Walking Dead.

    Does anyone agree?

  7. December 6, 2010 9:02 am

    Robby Robinson

    You know what’s up for next season, the black guy and his kid will be involved, you know there is gonna be a huge deal with 1 handed Merle as well. I think I know what will happen, since the truck was gone when the guys got all the guns back in the city, they all said Merle took it. So, as revenge for leaving him and losing his hand, I think Merle was behind all the walkers attacking the camp site. He rounded up the Z’s put them in the back of the truck, drove to the camp site and opened the door let’s all the Z’s out right by the camp site knowing they would attack everyone there. The group will run into Merle as they are leaving the CDC( or what was left of it), passing him on the road(Merle is driving the van) somehow the survivors will see the trailer filled with blood marks on the floor and wall of the truck(proof that he brought the Z’s to the camp). What do you think about that scenario, plausible?

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