Hey gang. Welcome to the mobile edition of the weekly "Walking Dead" post. Why mobile? Because I'm sitting in an airport writing on my phone, watching on my iPad. Hence, no pics and probably plenty of typos (which my editor had better had fixed). But I still wanted to post some discussion points. I'll be back next week with a full technicolor post and all the usual jazz. As for now? On with the show!

Awesome Michael Rooker opening, with the zombies pounding at the door and him deeply dehydrated and delirious. Rooooooker!!! How mad is he gonna be when he finds the group again?

Rick comes home and Lori has a mix of "Yay! My husband!" and "Ooooooh f**k." Mostly the latter. Check it:

Good to see that even though Shane was banging Rick's wife, he seems like a decent leader.

Dale lopping off the head off the deer-eating zombie was sweet, but did that piñata party remind anyone else of the scene from Shaun of the Dead when Shaun and Ed are killing the zombie with pool cues in time to music?

Norman Reedus joins the cast as Daryl, Merle's hick brother. Awesome. Shoots the still-living decapitated head of the deer-eating zombie with an arrow. Awesomer.

Shane told Lori that Rick died? Interesting.

Loving the crossbow action. Great zombi weapon for light encounters.

Damn, Shane beat the crap out of Ed, the wife-beater. Gnarly scene. Ed was jacked.

Merle's hand lying next to the bloody handcuffs: great ending.

Discuss the episode below, I'll try to check-in deep from the Amazonian rain forest where I'm hunting down the cure for Cancer with Sean Connery and that annoying chick from "The Sopranos."