"You're Not Stupid John, But Sometimes You Do Stupid Things"  should have been the title of the episode. I sometimes forget that he's a sixteen year old boy because we are constantly reminded that he's the savior of mankind but, when he does something immature and "you have got to be kidding me "worthy, it all seems to come rushing back to me.

The show was spilt into six different perspectives, Sarah, Cameron, John, Derek, Ellison and Cromartie following each character and how their different paths throughout the day all came to a head in one climactic ending.

The Connor house was focused on getting John away from Riley. Sarah still has no hold on John and anything she tries to say to sway him from seeing Riley only makes him want to be with the girl more. Cameron in a seductive way tries to play on Johns feelings for her in order to make him stop seeing Riley as well. She lets him know that she understands that being John Connor can be lonely because future John and her talk about it a lot. Even though John assures Cameron that he knows and understands that the life they lead has no room for an innocent, he decides to take Riley on a trip to Mexico to the little town where he grew up.  It blows up in John's face, when a man from his past takes a picture of him and threatens to rat him out to the police if he does not give him all of his money. In an effort to erase the picture from the man's camera they create a scene in the restaurant and ge taken into the police station.

John is given a phone call in which he is able to get a hold of Derek to let him know where he's at but it's when he calls Sarah that he finds out that Cromartie has her. Cromartie had tracked down the Connors because she had left that boy alive in the bowling alley last week.  So now she is locked in the trunk of a car as Cromartie drives them to Mexico to find John.  Riley and John stage a scene and are able to break out of the jail which sends John right into Ellison's arms. Ellison had gotten a call from an old friend at the bureau when the name John Connor was run through the database when John was processed at the station. Instead of turning John over to Cromartie like he has been hired to do Ellison helps John break out.  They happen to steal the car that has Sarah in the trunk. They escape and regroup at the honeymoon suite that John had booked from himself and Riley. Sarah gives Ellison the third degree to find out his motives.  He explains that he felt as if he owed her for saving his life from the fire back at the cabin.

John takes Riley to the bus station without an explanation but promises to call her when he gets back.  Cromartie sees Ellison getting a first aid kit from the trunk of his car and follows him. Ellison has led Cromartie straight into an ambush. Derek and Sarah are outside the church windows and continuously shoot at Cromartie before sending in Cameron to finish the job. When they bury Cromartie's robot skeleton Ellison asks Sarah where they go from here.  She explains to him that his role in their life ends in Mexico. Sarah takes Cromartie's chip from Cameron and begins to destroy it before breaking down in her son's arms.


I must admit I usually write down a few notes for the recap as I watch the show. I wasn't able to do that this time because I was so wrapped up in what was happening. It felt like completely different writing from the last few episodes especially with the way they broke it up into different perspectives. It was a great move, they were able to focus on each character a little more than usual and it made it a little more interesting to watch. This episode reminded me that this is ultimately a show about Sarah and John Connor, a mother who has given up everything for her son and a son who is at war with himself and fate.  It may have started out with John acting like an immature sixteen year old but it turned into him taking charge and firing the last shot into Cromartie with a look of anger. It was impossible to see any trace of that scared kid from last season. Sarah has always been the solider, the one who supported and sheltered John but at the end of this episode it seems to have all changed. All in all one of the best episodes o f the season,  full of shoot out scenes, car chases, women throwing themselves out of cars and a dead terminator. This is one I will not be erasing from my DVR!

Recap by Alix Rose