Sylar traps  Claire, Noah, Meredith and Angela inside Primatech and Level 5 apparently to just play Jigsaw with them, some more sibling rivalry ensues as Peter and Nathan clash on their views of how the powers should be handled, and Ando’s new power helps Daphne, Hiro, and Matt continue their quest to find and destroy the formula. Here's our recap of last night's Heroes.

Episode 13: Dual
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Brotherly Love
Nathan walks in and oops, awkward, sees Peter holding a gun over a dead Arthur Petrelli’s head.  Nathan informs Peter that the Marines are already being injected with the formula, and Peter demands that he stop.  Nathan refuses and Peter flings up the gun to point it at his brother.  Nathan convinces him to hand it over, and Peter wallops him across the face, knocking him out.   The Marine that Nathan spoke to in the last episode comes in, about to kill Peter, before Knox steps in and kills him easily.  Aw, come on.  Don’t introduce an entirely new character and then pretend him getting powers is important and then kill him, that’s just lame.  Down below, Mohinder works in his lab, discovering how extensively his abilities are debilitating his system, until Peter runs into the room and points a gun at Mohinder, while the doctor tries to explain to Peter how much it tempted him to have abilities when he saw Peter’s own.  Mohinder is about to inject himself with the actual formula when Daphne zips by to grab it, and in bust Flint and Knox. Mohinder tries to remind Peter of his brother, but Peter throws off his gloves and kicks over a table and says, “Nathan’s not in charge anymore.” Looks like he’s about to go to town on Suresh’s ass.  Instead, he goes to town on the whole lab, breaking everything he sees, including the catalyst.  Looks like Kool-Aid.  Back up in the office, Nathan and Knox discuss the battle that’s going on downstairs.  Nathan attacks him and a scuffle ensues, and just before Nathan is about to get killed, Tracy comes by and freezes Knox to death.  Tracy wants to get Nathan out of there so that they can spin the disaster the right way with the media, but Nathan refuses to run away, and fires Tracy on the spot. Then he goes down to intercept a fight between Peter and Flint, as the formula flows over Mohinder’s body from Flint’s rage having knocked over the vials containing the liquid (does he really need any reason to get angry?).  Flint erupts the place into flames, and Peter grabs a vial of formula and injects it into himself, then runs forward and snatches Nathan into the air and flies away, having absorbed his power.  And before you demand to know why he didn’t use the formula before, it’s because he was part of the resistance against it and had decided not to – and had only used it as a desperate measure.  He carries him out into the forest and Nathan is thankful but pissed off that Peter would go against his beliefs.  He then flies off, leaving Peter by himself.

“I’d like to play a game.”
Angela, Claire, and Noah come out in the hallways of Primatech to find dead bodies everywhere, courtesy of Sylar.  Soon his voice comes over the loudspeaker, informing them of Arthur’s death, and he tells them that he’s going to prove to them that they’re all monsters, just like they made him.  Sooo….Sylar is Jigsaw now?
Noah hands Claire a shotgun and heads off to intercept where he knows Sylar must be, while Sylar spends time taunting them over the intercom.  When Noah busts down the door, though, he only finds a dead security guard standing at the intercom.  Sylar laughs over the radio, and says, “You’re not hunting me, Noah. I’m hunting you.”  Later on, at night, Claire and Angela wait in the library, and Sylar calls on the phone – he’ll leave all of them alive, if Claire kills Angela.  He threatens Noah, and Claire swears to him that she’ll kill him if he touches him.  Sylar taunts, “Who’s the monster now?”  Claire’s response is to click the gun and blast the phone into a couple dozen pieces.  Meanwhile, Meredith and Noah head down to Level 5 to unlock all the baddies (what about the baddies in levels one through three?  Those have got to be worth something).  Noah gives them the offer: if they bring him Sylar’s head, he’ll give them their freedom.  Later on, by herself, Meredith wanders down the hallway and sees a twitching hand.  She sees Sylar behind her, but soon Eric Doyle, the puppet master, interrupts and freezes Sylar in place.  An intense mind battle ensues, I guess, and Doyle is dead on the floor.  Sylar injects Meredith with adrenaline, and she can’t hold back her powers when Noah finds her later in a cell.  Sylar locks them in, and asks Noah, “When this is all over, and Meredith is dead with a bullet between her eyes, what lie are you gonna tell Claire? You helped make me into wh I am.  I just wanted to return the favor.”  Meanwhile Claire and Angela are back upstairs, and they head out in the hallways to investigate, but Sylar intercepts them and abducts Angela, forcing Claire to choose which of them she will save.  She runs down to Noah and Meredith and Noah tells Meredith to press her hands up against the glass (um, why didn’t he do this before?) until it heats up.  Noah shoots it and Claire jumps through.  Seems Level 5 is a little unsafe.  Up in the library, we see Angela and Sylar talking (WHY HASN’T HE KILLED HER YET?? ENOUGH WITH THE MONOLOGUES!) Angela tries to convince him not to kill her, but Sylar screams into her face, “YOU are not my mother.”  Sylar looks into her eye and asks her, “Are you my mother?”  Angela tells him that her sons were a disappointment to her, and she wanted another try, but Sylar can tell it’s a lie, and she slices a brief line across her forehead.  Angela then explains that she only ever saw him a monster, as a tool for her own ends.  Sylar telekinetically grabs her by the throat and shrieks at her to till him that there’s good in this world, and Angela then cries out that she knows who Sylar’s parents are, and Sylar can obviously tell she’s not lying, so he sets her down, and demands she tell him who they are, until Claire plants a shard of glass into the back of his head. 

Super Ando
Ando, Daphne, and Matt make it to Isaac’s old apartment looking for Hiro, but he’s not there.  Daphne dashes off to snatch the formula and rushes back, and Ando, desperate for powers, injects himself and passes out.  He wakes up later with a splash of water from Daphne, and chants to himself, trying to summon his powers, “I at the master of time and space.”  Frustrated when it doesn’t work, he pounds the table, and red sparks erupt from his hands.  When he touches Matt, it causes him to hear the voices of the entire city, and when he touches Daphne, it sends her back in time to watch them talking about her powers.  They decide that Ando’s power amplifies other people’s powers.  Ando is thrilled, and Daphne decides to try to go back sixteen years.

By our powers combined…
Hiro is still on the flagpole, but then all of a sudden he’s able to get up off it. Wait. If the comic said he was lost in time, then why was it so easy to get off?  Then he goes back up and meets his young self, and says to him, “You will save the day, Hiro.”  Hiro’s dad comes in, though, and grabs a sword and tells Hiro he must tell him who he is or he will kill him.  Hiro starts to tear up the formula, but only rips it in half before Ando and Daphne zap him along with them and bring him back to the present.  Then Hiro and Daphne head along to get the formula in the future (confused yet?) – and come back to the present – Hiro ripping up the formula into tiny little pieces happily.

Volume Four: Fugitives
In an introduction to what will be next year’s section of Heroes, we see Nathans in a limo, showing a file folder full of people with abilities to the president, saying that he wants them to be kept safe, away from where they can harm people, and away from where they can be hurt.

This isn’t a bad closer to part one of season three, but it’s not the best it could have been either.  It partially feels like they were in a hurry to close so they tied up a whole bunch of threads that had been dangling for awhile.  Ando taking the formula and becoming super happened extremely fast for one episode, though it has been building up for awhile – not like Mohinder’s sudden transformation at the beginning of this season.  The whole Sylar playing mind games with them while they were trapped in the facility was a little corny, but they needed some kind of showy finale.  On the whole it was a pretty decent episode, but that cliffhanger ending with Nathan and the president will have you waiting on pins and needles for volume four to come along.

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