The Office Season 5 Premiere

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Recap: Season 5, Episode 1 "Weight Loss."  By now it should be pretty clear that I like The Office, which makes me worry a little before the start of each season. Maybe it won’t be as funny or maybe they’ll bring in some shitty character to ruin the whole thing. Luckily, it seems like the awkward train has stayed right on track.

Over the summer, Dunder Mifflin has decided to run a company wide weight-loss competition, in which the winning branch gets a few extra vacation days. Everyone takes it far too seriously, especially kelly who starves herself to the point of passing out and buying what she thinks is a Mexican tapeworm from Creed. Ultimately, and appropriately, they end up losing the contest.

After getting arrested for fraud and also for being a smug asshole last season, Ryan is back as the temp, which leads to all sorts of uncomfortable situations. Watching Kelly and Darryl make out in front of him gave me the same feeling I got when Uncle Jessie’s band played on Full House.

Jim and Pam:
Pam took off for Pratt for her three months of design school, which seems to be driving Jim nuts. He might not be totally wrong about it, either since there’s some chubby kid that seems to be pushing up on her at school. After a few weeks of being apart, Jim finally gets fed up and asks her to marry him. Of course she says yes, and there isn’t a dry eye in he house. On a side note, Pam looks much hotter this season than she has in the past.

Andy and Angela (and Dwight)
I honestly hope they run Angela over with a bus. Andy spends the entire episode trying to make her happy and she keeps running off to screw Dwight in the stock room. I can’t fault Dwight for doing it since, well, I’m a guy, but I expect more out of Angela. I like Andy a lot better as the pathetic lap dog type than I did the raging maniac type. Hopefully things work out for him in the end, though.

Michael and the new HR lady:
Predictably, they’re drawing out Michael’s new relationship with all sorts of jealousy and games. It’s nice to see Michael having someone to identify with now, though. I really hope Jan doesn’t come back and somehow fuck it up. Of all the characters that have ever been on this show, she is by far the worst.

The future:
This chubby guy is definitely going to make a move on Pam, even though she’s engaged. It will be interesting to see how Jim handles it. Maybe he’ll get really mad. That would be interesting, only because it’s a side of him we haven’t seen. I really hope Pam doesn’t fall for it, though. She has been a rock for the entire show and it would suck to see her slip up. Andy is eventually going to kick Angela to the curb. He has to. I just hope he gets into some kind of huge fight with Dwight when it happen. The inclusion of Samurai Swords would make it perfect. Michael and Holly are definitely going to get together. As fun as it is to watch him screw up relationships, I hope theirs lasts. If they’re that awkward seperately, imagine what they can do as a team. Creed will continue to be fucking awesome.

I got some mixed reactions from my friends directly after airing, but I was more than satisfied with this hour. When Dwight kicked that cheesecake, I was on the floor. Everything that makes the show awesome is still there and firing on all cylinders, so I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season. Below is a preview of next week’s episode. I can barely get through it, it’s so awkward. Perfect.

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