Dwight and Andy have another one of their epic clashes, Pam discovers that Jim’ brothers are a couple of jerks, and Michael and Holly encounter some relationship troubles as they’re cramped in the cabin of a truck with Darrrell on an eight hou drive.

Why so Serious?
A the Office Halloween day begins, three different Jokers come in – Kevin, Creed, and Dwight; the theme song plays, and we find out that apparently the hanky panky between Holly and Michael wasn’t corporate approved, so they have sent her back to her original office in New Hampshire, accompanied by Michael and Darrell as the stone-faced chauffeur.

“I Went to Cornell.”
In an effort to piss off Andy (which works wonders), Dwight walks around the office in a Cornell sweatshirt and announces that he has applied to Andy’s alma mater because “it’s a good school.” He talks about their sports teams using “we,” puts up a flag hanging right above his desk, even buys a Cornell bobblehead. It all comes to a head when he discovers that Andy will be conducting his entry interview. Dwight brings his own pad to the interview, of course, conducting an interview of the interviewer. It ends in classic Dwight Vs. Andy fashion, with the duo engaging in a king of table tug-of-war.

Jim takes a drive up to New York to have dinner with Pam and Jim’s two brothers, Pete and Tom, both of whom are apparently jerks, as they won’t stop harsh teasing about Pam’s career choice of art.
The road is long…
After bonding over “Life is a Highway,” the trio of Dunder-Mifflinites engage in awkward silence for awhile, until Holly confesses to Michael, in a shower of nearly held-back tears, how she can’t move that far away from him, and that they need to break up. Michael can’t take it and cries too. Keep in mind that all this happens in the small cabin of a truck that only seats three people legally. Darrell and Michael leave Holly in New Hampshire, and sing the blues to each other as they drive off into the night.

The Office seems to have no place to go but up this season, overall. The relationship between Holly and Michael has felt real, all the way up until this point, where corporate deciding she needed to move away felt like it was just to cause drama– and us Michael fans especially didn’t want to see her go. Jim and Pam’s relationship is seeming to stay safely away from the “Ross-Rachel” dynamic that sometimes threatens to kill the show, but the inclusion of Jim’s brothers seemed a weird choice  - it didn’t have much to do with the episode and felt like extra padding to even out the show’s running time. Despite these flaws though “The Office” still does what it does beast: create funny, awkward, sometimes heartbreakingly-real moments. This episode ain’t no different than the usual; there’s something for every “Office” fan to enjoy here.