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[Editor’s Note: Per writer "Dave M’s" request, we’re making this one quick, so that we can get to the real meat of this post, his impassioned letter to actor B.J. Novak.  Also, ScreenJunkies in no way endorses or agrees with Dave M’s point of view.]

Okay, Office Lovers.  We learned from this week’s episode that Michael, Pam and Ryan have rejoined the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin and it’s about time.  Splitting the glibness between 2 offices seemed a bit of a challenge for NBC’s Office writing staff as the show ventured into more awkward situational humor than actual laughs during the last several Idris Elba-filled episodes… 

The comedy continued with a mutiny by DM employees who insisted on being handed their customers back from Pam and Ryan.  Dwight, who organized the uprising, was in perfect form as he taunted Jim whilst still managing to lead the rebellion.  In rare form however was Creed, who bestowed upon Jim a sage piece of advice exclaiming, sometimes it’s better to stay out of things.  In the end, all of the DM employees had their former clients back.

But there was a decision to be made.  Now that the DM employees had all of their clients back there was only room for one more salesperson.  A choice had to be made between Pam and Ryan.  To the absolute elation of everyone watching, Pam was picked to stay on in sales.  We did not hear from the insipid Ryan as he departed after Michael offered him his old temp job back, though we were not privy to that conversation during the show.  May this writer say on a personal note, we hope not to see too much, if any, of him in the future either.  As Liz across the pond might say, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Okay, if you love B.J. Novak, you are an idiot.  You should also click away.  Or not.  But here’s a letter I’ve sent to him and his "people" (that’s agents, management, etc. and has nothing to do with race, thank you).  I’ve sent this repeatedly.  I’ve faxed, emailed, snail mailed, tweeted and even had a staged reading at a local San Francisco coffee house/theater, but was rudely interrupted by a poetry slam.  Maybe you can find a way of getting this to the man whose parents named him after a friendlier colloquialism for dick sucking.  Here goes:

(Click to enlarge)

[Editor’s Note: Um, again… the views expressed in this post are those solely of Dave M. and not a representation of ScreenJunkies.  We were told that we would not get a recap on The Office this week unless we followed it with this letter.  There was a knife involved, as well.]


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