How many empty warehouses are there in California? Bllions apparently. It amazes me how Sarah always seems to find one. Is there some sort of fan forum message board that has a directory? It boggles my mind. Here's your recappage, Junkie.

Episode 12: Alpine Fields
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This comes up because we find Derek entering an empty warehouse in which he has been sent to by Sarah. He was sent there specifically to help a teenage girl by the name of Lauren and her very pregnant mother, Anne. The mother and daughter duo were being hunted by a cyborg that ended up shooting the mother in the chest sending her into early labor. He finds the mother with fluid in her lungs and quickly places a tube into her chest to help her breathe better. Who knew a tube and a jar of water could save a life. I should be taking notes just in case. Once he helps her he asks Lauren what happened and how she knows Sarah.

The story then flashes back; Just a warning there will be a lot of flashing back, flashing forwards and present day flashes, it can get a little confusing but it's OK we will get through this together,but it might get messy.

So six months earlier we find Anne in her skinny jeans walking into her family's country cabin. She is lecturing Lauren on how she should always remember to lock the door and wipe her feet, sounds just like my mom. Just as I was thinking where's Cameron? She appears from the back bedroom calling for Sarah. Sarah makes her presence known by brandishing a gun while asking the father if his last name is Fields, obviously no knowing what he's up against he stands in front of his family telling Lauren to go to her room and for his wife to call the police. Sarah of course gets into her" I will blow your head off if you don't do what I say "stance and instructs the family to not move and informs them that she's there to help them. Sarah then instructs Cameron to bring Lauren back into the living room and just as Cameron leaves Lauren comes around the corner with a small gun pointed at Sarah I am already liking this girl, how many people has Sarah been up against and rarely do they have the guts to pull a gun on her. This causes Sarah to put her gun down while the dad takes the gun from Lauren. He then asks what she wants and he wants the truth. Sarah gets that "well you asked for it " look and takes a big breath before she rattles off her speech about the end of the world and robots. We find out that on the wall in Sarah's garage the list made from blood has the name Alpine Fields on it. Since Fields is there last name they have come to the conclusion that the cyborgs are after them. Before they can call the police on the crazy lady, Cameron comes back into the room and takes the gun out of David's hands so fast he is only left with a confused goofy look on his face. Sarah then escorts the protesting family out of the house and into the car. They don't get very far before Sarah crashes head on to an oncoming car that just happens to be driven by the very cyborg that is hunting them down. Cameron wastes no time in fighting with the cyborg giving Sarah and the Fields a chance to run back to the cabin,

It then flashes back to the present where Derek is trying to stop the wound from bleeding. He notices Lauren's Saint Jude necklace and tells her to hide it because it's a magnet for the machine. She then asks him about his bar code tattoo and he tells her it's from them. She quickly understands and asks him if you ever get used to this life. Derek tells her you just learn to live through it. Anne is conscious and tells Derek he sounds just like her husband. Lauren goes on to tell him that they were hiding out in a hotel when the cyborg found them. David, the dad emptied his gun into the machine and when that didn't work he went after it with a table lamp and a curtain rod in order to give his family time to escape. They called Sarah because she had told them to call her if the machine ever came back. When Derek looks up at Lauren he flashes to a memory of his from the future. He's in a hospital bed watching as a nurse in a decontamination suit injects a liquid into his IV, the nurse is Lauren.

A flashback into the future informs us that there was a plague, as if judgment day and robots weren't bad enough it seems as if the robots also created a disease that they unleashed on humans as well. Derek is arguing with his superior to let him go and rescue a single survivor that is immune to the disease and the only key in helping them find a cure for it. The only problem is that he will most likely be infected and once that happens there's no telling how much time he has. It is implied that since his brother's disappearance that Derek has had a death wish.

In the present Anne is asleep and Derek takes the opportunity to ask Lauren how the cyborg found them. She claims that she broke the rules and called her friend Roger just so she could feel normal if even for a moment. It then flashes back six months and everyone except Cameron is back in the cabin. David has a broken leg and there's no way to leave the house, the only road out leads to the cyborg. Sarah interrogates them to find out what they do and why the cyborg would want to kill them. It's not until Lauren finds Sarah in the shed that the truth comes out. David was doing some illegal business with a company that involves robots and computers. He claims that it was just business and numbers. While the family was arguing Sarah notices that Cameron and the other cyborg are hunting each other.

Flashback Future: We find Derek with a gas mask entering an underground tunnel where he finds nothing but bodies of men, women and children. When he sees a pregnant mother with her three children dead from the disease he goes back outside only to be confronted by Jessie. By their exchange it's clear that this was before they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Back in the warehouse Anne awakes asking for her daughter. He informs her that she went out for air. He also confronts her about Lauren lying for her. He knows that Lauren's story was bogus and she was really covering for her mother.

This takes us back into the cabin where Sarah is taking an ax to the walls setting a trap if and when the cyborg tries to come inside. Anne leaves the living room to head to the bathroom but she is discovered by Sarah. She was making a phone call. In so many words we find out that the Fields don't have such a happy marriage. Lauren's yell from the living room tells them that someone is coming. It turns out to be Roger; the mother breaks the trap that Sarah set in order to let Roger in. It turns out that she's been having an affair with him.

In the present the mother confesses to Derek that it's really all her fault that Roger and David were dead but nothing matters now except for her children.

Derek's flash back to the future, or a flash forward finds him with Jessie outside the disease infested compound. Her company had also picked up a message of a survivor, he hands her a gas mask and they both go in to find the survivor. They make it back to the radio room where after a few knocks on the steel door it opens. Just then Derek comes back to the present where the mother has gone into full labor. Lauren wants to take her to real doctor but Derek says that it's out of the question. It then flashes back to the cabin where the parents are arguing in the living room that's quickly stopped by one shot into the air from Sarah's gun. Just as Roger is trying to convince Anne that Sarah is crazy Cameron is thrown in through the picture window. Cameron is not functioning and appears to be in standby mode.

They all notice that the cyborg is coming down the path and in order to save his family David goes out there to self sacrifice. The cyborg scans him and it turns out he's not the one they are after. It comes out that Anne is pregnant, Sarah hides Lauren in the closet and takes Anne with her to get Roger's car.

Back in the warehouse Anne is struggling breathing and the labor is taking too much out of her. She's saying things that Lauren doesn't understand. Derek tells Lauren that it's all about her and her baby sister; Lauren in taken aback and quickly states that he's from the future. Derek tells Lauren that her baby sister's name is and that he knew her.

It flashes forward and the survivor turns out to be Sydney, Lauren's sister and she informs Derek and Jessie that the gas masks won't help they are already infected. Sydney informs them that the symptoms start with a dry mouth, the sweats and then the fever and the shaking starts, your lungs fill with liquid and then you die. She tells Jessie you don't have much time.

In the warehouse Anne asks Derek about Sydney, he tells her that her daughter has an immunity in her blood. She helps cure the deadly disease saves a lot of lives. Just as she is asking about Lauren, Anne goes into a seizure and her breathing becomes even more labored.

Lauren goes to help her mom and flashes back to the cabin. Roger opens up the closet to help her but Cameron kills him not knowing that he's human. We find Sarah and Anne running through the woods and just in time Cameron runs over the cyborg that's chasing them down. They jump into the car while the cyborg runs after them.

At the warehouse Anne pleads with her daughter "You have to do this" and it's more than just you have to deliver the baby it's more like when I die you have to take care of her. She will save people in the future and you have to take care of her to make sure she does. There's a lot of weight in those words. The baby is healthy and Anne is able to briefly look at her before she dies. Derek covers her with a blanket as Lauren rocks her baby sister back and forth.

Derek flashes forward remembering when they made it back to his compound with Sydney. He is in a hospital bed, Jessie in an accompanying bed and they are waiting for death to come. Nurses wearing decontamination suits come into the quarantined room to put an antidote in to his IV and the nurse, Lauren thanks Derek for saving her sister. Sydney is watching in the background.

In the warehouse Derek is rocking baby Sydney. He's telling Lauren that there are dark days but she needs to go on because they are all counting on her. She asks him if it ever ends and he tells her the truth. He doesn't know but they are trying. He offers her a place to stay with them. She's not sure but she knows she has to do this.  Lauren thinks back to her time with Sarah. She asked her how long she knew before she knew everything was going to be different, Sarah tells her right away.

Derek leaves to go call Sarah when he comes back Lauren is gone, the only thing remaining is her St. Jude necklace.

The writers of TSCC always take the time to give their characters background. That's why I really liked the character of Lauren. I feel like the writers used her as a way to delve not only into her story but Sarah's as well. The parallels are not coincidental. They both are rushed into this life over night taking care of a baby that will save hundreds, being chased by cyborgs and both of them do not cower in fear but choose to fight because it's just what they have to do.  Derek I have come to like with each passing episode. They stay true to his hate against the metals but with little scenes such as the one where his superior tells him that he can't kill himself looking for his brother, he has to come to terms with the fact that he is gone just gives him layers. He's not just a soldier who can tote guns and kill metals but he was once a brother. I think he saw some of himself in Lauren and that's why he wanted to help her because he knew what it was like to not have anyone to help him. Some shows use extra characters to throw a wrench into everything but Lauren not only added layers to the other characters but left room for her story to still be told. I won't be surprised to see her back in later episodes, in fact I kind of hope so.